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Rhonda Worthey Wiki-Bio, Age, Facts about Troy Aikman’s Ex-wife. 2022

Before former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman tied the knot with his current wife, Catherine Mooty, he was committed to another. Meet Rhonda Worthey, Troy Aikman’s ex-wife and mother to his two kids. So what went wrong in their marriage? Find out here more facts on Rhonda’s age, Wiki-bio and career. Yes, she may have been propelled into stardom through her celebrity marriage, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t famous through her work.

Who is Rhonda Worthey? Her career info.

Professionally, Worthey registers on the Fox News channel as a political commentator. There have never been facts revealed about how she got the job or her career journey into who she is today.

Like the name of the institution she attended, her college credentials have all remained a mystery. She goes big on privacy.

However, we know that her career revolves around the media, and she has been doing so for a long time. There were rumors that she would be in the Reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Dallas, but sadly, she never cut.

Her work in media dates as far back as the ’90s, when she worked as a publicist for The Dallas Cowboys. She always enjoyed politics and debates as a kid, even though her parents wanted her to become a singer.

It’s a good thing she stuck to her love of politics, or who knows? Perhaps we wouldn’t be here talking about her if she chose a different path.

Her married life and divorce from Troy Aikman.

One of the most significant highlights of Rhonda Worthey’s career was marrying the former NFL superstar Troy Aikman.

The pair met during her time as a publicist for the Cowboys during the late ’90s. They dated for about 18 months before taking their marriage relationship.

The ceremony was RSVP’d to family and essential friends only, and as a result, they shared their nuptial bond at his home in Plano, Texas.

Life swung by really fast, and before they knew it, April 2000 – their wedding date wouldn’t be regarded as their particular date.

Image of Rhonda Worthey with his husband Troy Aikman and with their kids
Caption: Troy Aikman with his ex-wife: Rhonda Worthey and with their kids

Troy Aikman and ex-wife Rhonda Worthey welcomed their firstborn, Jordan Ashley, on August 24th, 2001, followed by Alexa Marie Aikman on July 30th, 2002.

It was happy at first, but their love for each other faded, and after ten years of marriage, the couple separated on January 25th, 2011, for reasons unknown.

As much as they had their differences, they kept the cause private while their divorce was finalized in April of the same year.

What is Rhonda Worthey doing now? Is she married?

Rhonda Worthey may have been Troy’s first wife, but that doesn’t automatically mean her trip down the aisle was her first.

Before Aikman, Rhonda Worthey was in a relationship with an unknown guy who became the father of her first daughter named Rachel. Details about her are scanty.

Now that we have covered her past relationships, what about the present?

It looks like the political commentator took a hiatus from her love life and decided to focus on raising her kids.

Considering she got full custody of her kids, a substantial amount of money for child support as per the divorce settlement, who wouldn’t?

Image of Publicist, Rhonda Worthey net worth is $10 million
Publicist, Rhonda Worthey net worth is $10 million

Sources indicate that Rhonda Worthey’s net worth stands at $10 million. Other than that, she even bought a house worth $1.5 million in Dallas.

In the end, things worked out great for both of them since the former NFL superstar married Catherine Mooty in 2017.

Rhonda Worthey Wiki-Bio, age

Full Name Rhonda Worthey
Age 51
Date of Birth May 2nd, 1070
Place of Birth London
Profession Political Commentator
Net worth $10 million
Relationship status Divorced
Kids 3
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac sign Taurus.


The mother of two was born in London on May 2nd, 1970.

However, she grew up in Los Angeles after her family uprooted her life at eight. Rhonda grew up in the care of her grandparents while her father and mother led busy lives.

Her move to Los Angeles got her depressed which worsened following the death of her grandparents. Worthey’s mother had to quit her job to take care of her and nurture her into today’s woman.

Currently, the TV regular is 51 years of age.

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