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Rapper Vanilla Ice Net Worth, House, Age, Height. 2022

Image of Rapper Vanilla Ice Net Worth, House, Age, Height.

Vanilla Ice sure does sound like your favorite childhood creamy flavor, but in this case, it’s a person. A talented one to be more precise, fluent in both dancing and rapping skills. But what is Vanilla Ice’s real name?

Well, journey with us as we walk a mile in his shoes and find out what it’s like to be him. Some significant stops along the way will be his career, wiki-bio, age, house, and much more. It looks like we have just arrived at the first detour – his wealth and net worth. We may as well have a look.

Vanilla Ice’s net worth Is $12 Million.

Different sources conducted their assessment of the rapper’s wealth and assets as did we. Vanilla Ice net worth standings are estimated at $18 million. The financial crackdown also revealed his average monthly income at $68,000.

Much of it comes from his career as a performer as well as his rap career. These date as far back to 1985 when he began and got his first signing at Ichiban records. He went on to produce music, solos, and collaborations with various artists that got his albums sold.

Moreover, the rapper is also an established actor and television host. Some of the shows include The Vanilla Ice Project, The ‘90’s Greatest, Celebrity Family Feud, Lucha Underground and so much more. Some of his music also featured as the soundtrack to movies and film including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II.

Vanilla Ice albums, hit songs, TV shows, career info.

His career is marked with a bunch of singles and seven studio albums in his discography. They include Hooked, To the Extreme, Mind Blowin’, Hard to Swallow, Bi-Polar, Platinum Underground and W.T.F. released in 2011.

In the ’80s, Hip Hop artists’ success rate, especially the white fol,k didn’t do quite well. So when Vanilla’s music broke the mid-South, it was a huge milestone for everyone. Some of his top-selling music included Ice Ice Baby, Play That Funky Music, Hooked, It’s a Party and several others that sold millions of copies worldwide.

As a result, he got into the mainstream with several record labels fighting for the chance to sign him in. To release his music,  Vanilla got a chance to work with Ichiban records, SBK/EMI, Universal, Liquid 8, Ultrax, Cleopatra, Radium, and Psychopathic record label.

Vanilla Ice also had a run with television hosting and starring in shows like Dancing with the Stars, Brother Vs. Brother, and The Ridiculous 6. Other includes, That’s My Boy, Big Money Rustlas, The Helix…Loaded and The New Guy.

Vanilla Ice House and cars

In a recent and divorce battle with his ex-wife, we got to learn of just how rich Ice is including the details of his vehicles, house, and assets. Gone are the days when rich folk buy an entire island. Nowadays, they make their island and call them home.

Ice lives in an 8,700 square-foot house in Miami Beach in a human-made Island. It’s got a gazebo, a dock for his boat, a swimming pool for those summer days and a 100 feet water frontage simply because he can afford it.

Image of Singer, Vanilla Ice car
Singer, Vanilla Ice car

Perhaps the best feature of Vanilla Ice’s house is its garage where he parks his vehicles. Vanilla has a total of eight different cars from different car manufacturers. These include a white Gemballa Porsche, a 2008 Lincoln Mark LT, 2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom, a 1991 GMC Syclone and heavy rotation on Cadillacs.

Vanilla Ice Age, birthdate, Height, Measurement.

Fans help him celebrate his birthday each year on October 31st having been born in the year 1967. When we dive into his physique, the rapper stands at the height of 5 feet 11 inches and weighs about 176 lbs. He is not all jacked up like fitness models but instead has an average body type. His Zodiac sign, therefore, is that of Scorpio at age 55.

Image of Actor, Vanilla Ice height is 5 feet 11 inches
Actor, Vanilla Ice height is 5 feet 11 inches


Name Vanilla Ice
Age 55
Date of Birth October 31st, 1967
Place of Birth Dallas, Texas
Profession Rapper, Dancer, TV host, actor
Net worth $12 million
Relationship status Ongoing divorce with Laura Giaritta
Kids 2
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Ethnicity White
Zodiac sign Scorpio

His birth name is Robert Matthew Van Winkl, bornn in Dallas, Texas. For a long time, his friends called him Vanilla, the only white kid in the rapping group, and he hated it. However, he soon embraced the name and even added Ice to it based on his dancing skill, hence his alias’s birth.

He never knew his real dad and got raised by his step-father instead. The family moved and settled in Carrollton, Texas where he attended R.L. Turner High School. However, he decided school wasn’t for him, dropped out and focused his energy on dance and music.

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