Rapper Action Bronson Net worth 2018. Married, Wife, Daughter

Rapper Action Bronson

Arian Asllani mainly known by his stage name Action Bronson is an American rapper. Prior to venturing into the music industry, Action Branson used to be a well-respected chef in New York City. He once hosted a cooking show online dubbed Action in the Kitchen. He has made a big success initially has a chef and now in his music career as a hip-hop artist. Check out Rapper Action Bronson Net worth in 2018. Also, have a look at his wife, married life, and 2 kids.

Rapper Action Bronson Net Worth is $4 Million.

Action Bronson is undoubtedly one of the richest guys in the music industry. The hip-hop artist has made a fortune in his music career. Arian Asllani has grown to be one of the most known rappers all over the world. Arian Asllani has traveled all over the world performing his music and has reaped big from the industry.

Action Bronson has a net worth of over $4 million. The stylish rapper who is often associated with cannabis has achieved a lot in his career in music. Most of his money is earned through his songs and many highly sensitized shows internationally.

Action Bronson had also made whooping cash as a chef before quitting. His net worth is sure to increase because he is still very active in the music industry.

The stylish musician lives a lavish life. He owns a fleet of cars composed of the latest models. He fancies a BMW the most and is often seen driving one. No records however of Action Bronson owning a house has been found.

He currently lives in an apartment at Southern Edge of Flushing, Queens, a place he had lived even before he started rapping.

Rapper Action Bronson Net Worth is around $4 Million.

Caption:- Rapper Action Bronson Net Worth is around $4 Million.

He has kept his married life and wife a secret but has 2 children: Son Elijah and a daughter Hannah.

Action Bronson just like many other celebrities has kept his personal life very private. The Baby Blue Hitmaker is a very secretive man. He has never introduced any woman publicly as his wife neither is he dating anyone.

However, some reliable information has often put that Bronson is married. However, we cannot affirm this information as Arian Asllani has never publicly confirmed this information.

Rapper Action Bronson have Son Elijah and a daughter Hannah

Caption:- Rapper Action Bronson have Son Elijah and a daughter Hannah

Although Action Bronson has never confirmed whether he is married or not, from the look of things, the hip-hop star might be married. Action Bronson is also a father of two. He has a boy Elijah and a daughter named Hannah.

He has never appeared with them anywhere publicly for respect of their privacy. He has tattooed his kid’s name on his chest, and he mentions them in his song  5 Minute Beats I Take Raps.


Action Bronson was a professional chef for quite some time in New York. He ventured into the music industry after he broke his leg in the kitchen. He made a debut in music in 2011 when he released an album dubbed Dr. Lecter which was received well in the market.He released many killer tracks after that.

Bronson was signed with Warner Bros Records in 2011 but was later moved to Atlantic Records in Vice Studios. He has teamed with other notable rappers including Eminem and has released many killer tracks.

Through his outstanding music career, he has garnered many coveted music awards. This rapper and Cook has also appeared in some television shows mainland aired on Viceland channel.

Rapper Action Bronson is now 34 years old

Caption:- Rapper Action Bronson is now 34 years old

Short bio, age, weight, height, birthdate

Arian Asllani was born on 2nd December 1983 in Flushing New York. His father was from Alabama and was a Muslim, and her mother was a Jewish from America. He was raised in a Muslim tradition, and he is characterized by his Muslim beard. He is 34 years old.

Action Bronson has often been termed as obese because of his massive weight.  He weighs over 204lbs. However, He has reduced his weight considerably. He used to weigh over 250lbs. The most celebrated rapper has a height of 184cm.

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