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Randy Sherrell Left HGTV’s “Hown Town”: What Happened to Him?

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Image of Randy Sherrell

Randy Sherrell is a familiar face on HGTV’s home renovation program, “Home Town.” One of the good friends of “Home Town” host couple Erin and Ben Napier, Sherrell is often seen working beside Ben Napier in his carpentry projects.

Even though Erin and Ben introduced him on the show as one of the talented members of their project, Randy has been friends with the couple long before “Home Town.” Hence, Randy Sherrell is a skilled woods craftsman who has crafted multiple wood projects on “Home Town” since its premiere.

But now, with the rumors about Sherrell leaving the show, the “Home Town” viewers are shocked and are looking for the reasons behind his motive. So, to know why he is no longer on the HGTV “Home Town,” remain with us until the end.

Did Something Happen to Randy Sherrell on HomeTown?

Viewers are used to seeing Randy on “Home Town” and “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop.” However, the craftsman initially joined Ben in his company, The Scotsman Co., with no intention of being on TV.

Randy remembers talking to his friend about how he had significantly less knowledge about woodwork and how he didn’t want to be a TV. But destiny had already planned his future, and he became a crucial member of not only The Scotsman Co. but also “Home Town” and “Home Town: Ben’s workshop.”

Image of Randy Sherrell

Prior to working with Ben, Randy worked on granite countertop projects. However, after collaborating with Ben, his carpentry skills have been a lot better. He worked with Ben’s crew to create customized furnishings that made each house unique and special.

Additionally, Sherrell once revealed that the best part about his job was working with his lifelong friend. He also said that with Ben’s guidance, the team is able to convert even the most ordinary pieces into distinctive and unique ones.

Likewise, he added, “Each person that gets a piece out of our shop is going to walk away with something that will last and was made with intentionality.”

So, if everything was great working with Erin and Ben on “Home Town,” what made him leave the show?

Randy Sherrell Is No Longer A Part of “Home Town” and Here is Why.

Randy Sherrell’s LinkedIn bio says he is more than just a woods craftsman. He is a skilled lifestyle and brand photographer who owns a photography business, Randy Sherrell Photography.

In fact, many of you may not realize, but he is the man behind many of Erin and Ben’s adorable pictures. Moreover, last April, Randy shared several photos on his Instagram with Ben and Erin on the set of “Home Town” and wrote a lengthy caption about his experiences and future on the show.

He expressed that working on “Home Town” and Laurel Merchantile has been the best job he’s ever had and that working with like-minded individuals for three years taught him invaluable lessons. He mentioned that the opportunity to work on the show allowed him to pursue his passion for photography, which he plans to do for his full-time project.

He concluded the post by thanking the crew at “Home Town” for their extraordinary leadership and friendship. As Randy has officially been out of “Home Town,” we believe that his series of Instagram posts was his way of saying farewell to his fans.

Currently, Randy is working on a new project and has been the director of Customer Service at Blue Delta Jean Co since January 2023.

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