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Peter Mansbridge Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Age, Wiki-Bio

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Meet decorated retired Canadian news anchor, Peter Mansbridge. He is well known for his tenure on the CBC network where he served for almost three decades on CBC news and The National among many other shows. However, his career isn’t the only aspect of his life that takes center stage. When he’s not involved in controversies, projectiles emancipate from his love life that often catches the media’s eye. That said, here’s a briefing on Peter Mansbridge’s net worth, salary, career, age, and Wiki-bio.

Peter Mansbridge net worth, and Salary.

According to reputable leaks, the former news anchor’s salary as per time of retirement last year was $830,000. However, now that his contract is no longer active on the network, he receives an annual pension of $500,000.

You’d think that with all that data you’d be able to figure out the guy’s financial status down to the very last coin. However, there are a lot of factors to consider including his assets like land, and cottages whose values remain unknown. As a result, Peter Mansbridge’s net worth also remains unknown.

Image of Journalist, Peter Mansbridge net worth is not available

Journalist, Peter Mansbridge net worth is not available

Most of his wealth comes from his contribution to journalism. However, he has made a few bucks here and there giving out speeches – a subject that has often been associated with much controversy.

Peter Mansbridge Career Info

With a total of 12 Gemini Awards, 11 honorary degrees and an honorary doctorate from Mount Allison University, very few can measure up to Mansbridge. His beginnings were moderately humble with a twist of fate.

18-year-old Peter had a job as a ticket agent at Transair, Churchill Airport where his vocal talents were recognized over the intercom when making a flight announcement. The manager for a local radio station offered him the opportunity of a lifetime; a job at CHFC which he took in 1968.

Image of Voice Acting, Peter Mansbridge

Voice Acting, Peter Mansbridge

His next radio job was at CBW radio in Winnipeg before transitioning to television at CBW-TV in 1972. The young lad became a reporter, a respondent, and a co-anchor at CBS and the evening news program, The National.

With his career at its peak, Peter capitalized on it with shows like Mansbridge One on One, interviews with the former USA’s president Barrack Obama. Moreover, he covered federal elections, the Meech Lake Accord and even came out retirement in 2018 to cover the royal wedding following his step down in July 2017.

Peter Mansbridge is Currently married to Cynthia Dale.

The former news anchor has been married thrice. However, his second marriage was the juiciest of all but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Peter met his first wife, Parm Dillon in Winnipeg during his work shift and had two daughters with her, namely; Pamela and Jennifer. Sadly, their marriage ended in divorce in 1975 for unknown reasons.

After almost a decade living as a single dad, he met the second love of his life, Wendy Mesley around the workplace. She was nine years younger than him and walked down the aisle with him on January 6th, 1989. However, the marriage lasted only four years following their separation in 1992. So what caused their divorce?

Image of Peter Mansbridge with his wife Cynthia Dale

Peter Mansbridge with his wife Cynthia Dale

Well her name is Cynthia Dale, a Canadian actress who was romantically involved with the news anchor according to speculations. She ignited fires in him and made him feel young again following their 13-years age difference. As a result, he married her on November 14th, 1998 and welcomed their firstborn son William a year later.

Image of Peter Mansbridge with his wife and son William

Peter Mansbridge with his wife and son William

Who is Cynthia Dale? Know more about her career, net worth, age and wiki-bio

The actress was born as Cynthia Ciurluini on August 11, 1960, in Toronto, Ontario. That makes her 58 years old as per current times. She attended Michael Power/ St. Joseph High School and auditioned for an acting role with her sister Jennifer Dale.

Some of her best performances include movies like My Bloody Valentine, Moonstruck, The Boy in Blue, A Broken Life and Heavenly Bodies. She’s also done quite a bit of television work on series such as Street Legal, Baxter, Taking the Falls and many more.

Confirmed reports have announced that Cynthia Dale’s net worth falls nothing short of $10 million. It would be interesting to find out whether she’s wealthier than her husband. Nevertheless, the couple has been together for over two decades and reside in Stratford, Ontario.

Peter Mansbridge Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, Wiki-bio, Facts.

Full name Peter Mansbridge
Age 70
Date of Birth July 6th, 1948
Place of Birth London, England
Profession Retired news anchor
Net worth Unknown
Wife Cynthia Dale
Kids 3
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Cancer

Peter is the son to Brenda Louise and former RAF Wing Commander Stanley Harry. He was born in London, England on July 6th, 1948 but later relocated to Ottawa, Canada following his dad’s deployment there during World War II.

Together with his siblings, Paul and Wendy, they attended the Glebe Collegiate Institute. However, the young journalist never made it through high school graduation since he quit to join the Royal Canadian Navy in 1966. For a time, it was quite the thrill of living in the footsteps of his old man. However, he was honorably discharged about a year later which led him on his path to journalism.


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