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Perry noble salary and net worth in 2022

Perry Noble

Perry Noble is an American evangelist, creator, and the previous top leader at NewSpring Church, a megachurch situated in Anderson, South Carolina. His week-by-week sermons was viewed by more than 32,000 individuals at 11 satellite grounds over the province of South Carolina with an extra 7,200 watchers tuned in week by week through the online live stream. Let’s find out more about his net worth, salary, and source of income.

He has picked up prominence as the chief minister at the biggest church in the South Carolina Baptist Convention and the second quickest developing church in the United States. Noble picked up the reputation for dubious comments made with respect to the Ten Commandments amid a Christmas Eve benefit at his congregation, and his constrained expulsion from the congregation as minister.

Pastor Perry noble salary, net worth

Perry Noble is the author of three books: “Unleash!: Breaking Free from Normalcy”, “Overwhelmed: Winning the War Against Worry”, “The Most Excellent Way to Lead”.

Perry Noble aurthor of popular books
Perry Noble aurthor of The Most Excellent Way to Lead

He earns royalties in excess of thousands of dollars each month from these books. In addition to this, he is opening a new church after being fired from NewSpring Church. His books have been wildly popular among people who visit his sermons.

Although not much is known about his salary, evangelists like him have a high salary and take upwards of a million dollars every month through gatherings and church gifts. Many speculate Perry Noble to have a net worth of more than $45 million as of 2022, as he has never made his financials public.

Short Bio

Perry Noble giving speech
Perry Noble bio facts

Source: Church Leaders

Perry Noble was conceived on June 24 of 1971. Perry lost his mother early in his childhood when he was just 12 years old. Due to losing his mother to cancer, he disliked hospital visits for a long time even after he became a pastor. His father married several times in his life.

He struggled with alcoholism for several years and he was in deep debts at an early stage of his life. Perry married his current wife, Lucretia, back in April of 2000 and in June of 2007 he became a father to beautiful a baby girl named Charisse.

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