Mitch Grassi Weight Loss. (2022)

Mitch Grassi weight loss

Mitch Grassi is a popular American singer and vlogger. He became famous through the renowned a capella group known as Pentatonix. The group is known worldwide and their YouTube channel has a massive following of over 13 million subscribers. Mitch himself being a vlogger also runs a YouTube channel known as Superfruit, currently having more than 2 million subscribers. He hosts his Vlog alongside Scott Hoying, a fellow Pentatonix member. As there was no major mainstream a capella group, Pentatonix had a great success and are still recording amazing pieces today.

Pentatonix Singer Mitch Grassi’s Weight Loss

Apart from his success with the group and his YouTube channel, Mitch Grassi has inspired a lot of people with his impressive weight loss journey. As much as he inspired a handful of people, he also caused quite a stir with some.  When he lost a significant amount of weight, instead of ‘online strangers’ rather fans being happy for him and the journey he was on, they began questioning the reasons behind that change.

There were comments saying that Pentatonix singer Mitch lost his weight because of Travis Wright. People were actually saying that Travis was abusive and made Mitch feel bad about himself hence the weight loss. This was after a whole lot of people questioning the reasons behind the change.

Mitch Grassi and Travis Wright

Caption: Mitch Grassi and Travis Wright

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However, we all know how much Travis loved Mitch when he was super slim (sing off days approximately) and when he got a little bit more chubby. The musician openly stated that Travis had nothing to do with the radical change. Mitch Grassi went gluten free and that was the reason as to why the Pentatonix singer lost so much weight. He did that for no one but himself.

He tweeted ‘s/o to weight loss’ and many people reacted to that status update on twitter. Mitch Grassi promotes body positivity and self-love so there is absolutely no reason for him to transform his body for someone else other than just for himself.  He is an absolute avid supporter and promoter of self-respect. When it comes to matters of weight loss advice, his highly tips are a gluten free diet and seeking help from a professional health worker.  Following his weight loss, there was also a rumor that Grassi might have had a jaw shaving surgery. Although his jaw does look a bit different now, he is yet to confirm this.

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