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Pawn Stars Cast Net Worth and Salary will surprise you.

Pawn Stars Cast "Net Worth"

Pawn Stars is a reality television show. It majors in history, and the production company is Leftfield Pictures. The location of the filming of the series is done in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show stipulates the daily business activities of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, the world’s most famous Pawnshop.

The show is about a family business run 24 hours daily which was opened in 1989 and owned by Richard Harrison and Rick Harrison who is a father and a son. The business is operated by family members as shown in the series.

The show is mainly about family daily interaction with the customers who come with ancient artifacts for sale, and the customers are shown arguing about the price and narrating the background history of their products from either the customer or the Harrisons. The show has shot over 15 episodes since 2009.

Pawn Stars Net Worth and Salary.

The pawn stars are composed of several actors whose appearance on the series over time have built a culminating history of the show. The cast of the Pawn Stars are normally the Harrison family members, but it has also included other members of the public who appear as customers and maybe expatriates.

The fact that the show has filmed over 15 episodes since its inception in 2009 has generated a lot of income. The pawn stars show is worth over $20 million with its actors garnering a huge salary at the shoot of every episode.

Pawn Stars Richard Harrison The old man

The net worth of the pawn stars has increased over time due to its positive reception from the public. In fact, in 2011, the Pawn Stars was the second most loved and viewed show all over the States.

This has increased its net worth tremendously. The use of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in the shooting of the episodes has attracted massive viewing globally as the shop is the largest of its own worldwide.

Highest in the salary and net worth in the Pawn Stars are typically the Harrison family who own the show and contribute to 90% of the cast.

Chumlee Net Worth and Salary.

Austin Chumlee Russell is the comedian in the show. He provides comic relief when things are most heated up in the show. According to Celebrity Net worth blog,  Chumlee earns $25000 in every episode, and his net worth is estimated to be over $5 million.

His net worth had increased over time with his big role in the Pawn Stars since when he was 21 years when he was recruited by his childhood friend Corey Harrison to the Pawn Shop. He has appeared in all the 15 episodes that have been shot since the beginning of the shows of the Pawn Stars.

Chumlee’s net worth is $5 Million

The fact that Chumlee is now a celebrity has now become hard for him to work over the counter as most customers to take photos with him hence creating disruptions. Chumlee now works behind the counter where he is testing items being bought.

Rick Harrison Net Worth and Salary

Rick Harrison is the co-founder of the prestigious Pawn Shop together with his father. Being the bigger shareholder in the show and the show, Rick is basically one of the richest and highly paid in the Pawn Stars.  In fact, he is the one who came with the idea of making the shop and entertainment entity.

Rick Harrison 2018

Rick Harrison is worth over $13 million as put by many sources through the actual figure remains unknown. Rick earns an average of $30000 in every season. All his holdings give him a huge return, and it is hard to estimate his net worth which keeps on growing day by day. Most of his cash has been made through his business deals in the Pawn Stars, and his subsequent entry into reality television show is becoming the highly paid entertainment show in the States.

Pawn Stars Corey Harrison net worth and Salary.

Corey Harrison is the son of Rick Harrison the owners of the Pawn Stars Enterprise. He has appeared alongside his father, and his grandfather in the reality television show dubbed The Pawn Stars. He is the manager of the world largest pawn shop. His daily salary is roughly $30000 per episode of the Pawn Stars.

Corey has accumulated a lot of wealth as the manager in his father’s massive investment and his active role in the historical reality television show. He has often been referred as the big boss in his acting career. Corey Harrison net worth is estimated to be over $ 2.5 million dollars with much of this having been made through his active role in acting.

Corey Harrison Net Worth is $2.8 Million

Corey has also partnered with his father in the publication of several books including  Licence to Pawn, Deals, Steals, and Life at the Gold and Silvers. The books have also contributed to the growth in his net worth.

Danny Koker Net worth and Salary.

Danny Koker is a television personality who has appeared in the television series of the Counting Cars. It is a reality television series that is majorly shown in the American digital market and cable and satellite television networks. The series was Largely inspired by another television series the Pawn Stars. His worth is estimated to be $20 million. Danny also played a role as a recurring expert in the Pawn Stars before quitting.

Danny Koker

It is not easy to authenticate Danny Koker net worth. Danny has worked in several instances where he has accumulated a heavy cash. His role in the Pawn Stars briefly earned him an average of $15,000 per episode in which he appeared in four episodes. His show Counting Cars is a major boost in his net worth earning him an unspecified amount of salary in every show. Generally, Danny’s net worth has been put to be roughly between $10 and $15 million.

Pawn Stars Craig Gottlieb Net Worth and salary

Craig Gottlieb is an American military man who served in the forces before retiring to dwell on military antiques. He is in history by uncovering major military artifacts, and paraphernalia used Craig has also appeared in the reality television show of The Pawn Stars in the episode of family feuds and has since appeared in more than 25 episodes becoming a regular man on the screen. This earned him a fortune.

Craig Gottlieb Net Worth is $7 Million

He had also appeared in many episodes of Auction Hunter, another reality television show shown by the Spike TV as a military expert adviser and collecting military antiques.  He has sold many of them in public auctions. This also contributed to his wealth growth.

Craig is worth over $ 6 million dollars. This is just but assumption given that Craig has kept his information on h8s wealth a secret. The wiki-net worth puts Craig’s net worth to be $7 million whereas.

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