Paul Haggis Net Worth (2018), Wife, Daughters.

Image of Paul Haggis Wife, Daughters, Net worth

The world of entertainment is quite captivating and interesting. Most films and TV shows are adaptations of a dusty old book somewhere. Some adaptations are done perfectly and even surpass the original content while others flop at the Box Office. To do a film justice, a set of competent individuals are usually hired to work on the project. Let’s take a look at Paul Haggis, a famous screenwriter, producer, and director. We’ll also dwell on his personal life including Paul Haggis’ net worth, family, wife, and daughters.

Net Worth & Salary.

Mr. Haggis has been active for over 4 decades. During this time, he has managed to make millions of dollars from contracts on-screen rants, producing and directing jobs. Some of the famous shows he has been accredited with include The Walker Texas Ranger starring the unstoppable Chuck Norris.

Paul Haggis net worth is $60 million as of 2018. Other sources have over quoted his fortune with $20 million more on top of the net worth. The major contributor of his riches come from his time as a screenwriter. He has his work cut out for him with over 2 dozen works in Television and the big screen.

Image of Paul Haggis Net worth is $60 million

Paul Haggis Net worth is $60 million

For the gamers out there, this is the man responsible for co-writing the script of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

The career that gave Paul Haggis $60 Million net worth.

The screenwriter grew up with the dream of becoming a professional fashion photographer. To think we wouldn’t be here talking about all these millions if he had chosen that career path. Moreover, he doesn’t need to individually win an award to elevate his status. When one of his films get nominated for an award, it’s a win for him.

Some of his earliest works include Different Strokes, One Day at a Time, The Love Boat and much more. Other famous films he helped screen write were Crash and Million Dollar Baby that won an Academy Award. Speaking of awards, the guy must have a whole cabinet full of medals and trophies.

He has bagged several Emmy’s, Academy, Edgar awards among others. With great awards come many nominations. Here’s a link to catch up on all of them.

Is Paul Haggis Married to Wife or Single after two divorces with ex-wives Christine Gettas and Deborah Rennard? Meet his daughters.

Being a screenwriter means that he has whipped up a couple of stories and tons of lines used in films. Some of these include cheesy and quirky romantic love stories. Contrary to the successful love stories, his very own love story or rather stories didn’t go quite as planned.

Image of Paul Haggis with his wife

Paul Haggis with his wife

The screenwriter is currently flying solo and single. This comes after a series of divorces. His first marriage was to his ex-wife Diane Christine Gettas on April 9th, 1977. They had three daughters together namely Lauren Kilvington, Katy Elizabeth and Alissa Sullivan.

Image of Paul Haggis with his three daughters

Paul Haggis with his three daughters

Lauren is an artist, Alissa followed in her dad’s footsteps and became a screenwriter while Katy became a producer. The father of three got divorced in 1994 and two years later got married to another, Deborah Rennard, an actress. Together they had a son named James before splitting up in 2016.


Name Paul Haggis
Age 65
Date of Birth March 10th, 1953
Place of Birth London, Canada
Profession Screenwriter, producer, director
Net worth $60 million
Marital status Single divorcee
Daughters Katy Elizabeth, Alissa Sullivan, and Lauren Kilvington.
Height 6 feet

The producer has a rich heritage in his name. He was born in London, Ontario on March 10th, 1953 to his late dad Ted Haggis, an Olympic Sprinter and mom, Mary Yvonne. He grew up Catholic next to his two siblings Kathy and Jo Haggis. This is rather weird since he grew up only to declare himself an atheist in future.

While he still believed in God, he studied at St Thomas More Elementary, moved on to H.B. Beal Secondary before wrapping it up in Fanshawe College. It is here he sharpened his studies in cinematography before making it huge in Hollywood. There was a period when he was still figuring out what to do with himself and tried out fashion photography in England. That didn’t work out well as he thought.


Paul Edward Haggis revolutionized the entertainment industry. The classic 80’s shows still get aired in some channels. When they do, he gets some little extra on his net worth figure. With this much success, it’s no wonder his daughters took after him. For a man at 65 years of age, there cannot be a greater legacy.

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