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Pastor Joseph prince salary, Net worth, Age, wife, kids 2022

Pastor Joseph

Joseph Prince is one of the founders of New Creation Church in Singapore. He is a senior pastor of the church. He is really popular as a pastor and he has been involved in preaching and much social work. You are about to know more on Joseph Prince’s Salary and net worth. Also stay tuned to know more about his married life and kids.

Pastor Joseph Prince’s salary and net worth in 2017

Joseph Prince has a net worth of 5 Million dollars and presently he is one of the richest pastors in Singapore. Pastor Joseph’s salary is considered to be 550 thousand dollars per year, and it is just a basic figure.

He started earning great since he was an IT professional, and he received a good amount of salary in that period which started increasing his net worth. He has been speaking to churches all around the world, and his religious television program called “Destined to Reign” broadcasts to more than 150 countries.

Also, he has published two books which have been really popular for everyone. These are the sources of his income and these incomes are increasing his net worth day by day.

However, according to the New Creation Church, he has not received any salary from the Congregation since 2009.

Joseph Prince's net worth is $5 Million
Joseph Prince’s net worth is $5 Million

Married life, wife, and kids

Joseph Prince receives a salary of more than half a million per year. He married Wendy Prince in 1994 and they have a daughter and a son – Jessica and Justin Prince.

Joseph Prince married with wife Wendy Prince with two children
Joseph Prince married with wife Wendy Prince with two children


Wendy Prince is a really religious woman and she has committed herself to bringing their children in the ways of the lord. She has been counseling for many years and her activities are praised by everyone.

Joseph Prince Short Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Nationality, Ethnicity

Joseph Prince was born on 15th May 1963. presently he is almost 54 years of old. He weighs almost 76 kg, and he is almost 1.8 meters tall. He is a citizen of Singapore and worked most of his activities there. He is of mixed ethnicity – his father was a Sikh Priest from Indian origin, and his mother was Chinese. He has been considered to be one of the top 40 pastors of the present time.

In 2004, Joseph Prince was ranked as the 10th richest pastors of the present time, though he and his church immediately protested against this claim.

He had a tremendous airing of his TV show “Destined to Reign” which still broadcasts to over 150 countries. also, it streams via several websites.

He was featured in Charisma magazine and his books were bestsellers in several seasons.

At this age, he has visited almost half of the world, and he is totally dedicated to preaching and raising awareness to the lost ones, and, he has a real balance of time between his work and his family.

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