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Paris Jackson Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Breakup, Dating Of Michael Jackson Daughter

Paris Jackson

Michael Jackson was a world-famous pop artist, and he was known as the ‘King of Pop.’ He was one of the wealthiest music artists in history, and his net worth was in hundred million. Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, better known as Paris, is the daughter of only Michael Jackson.

He died in the year 2009. Paris is, the daughter of this artist, also has a significant net worth. She was living with Michael Jackson when his divorce was under process. Michael Jackson died in 2009. During this accident, she was only 11 years old. She even made a suicide attempt in 2013 cause of some unknown reasons. However, she was saved as early actions were taken.

Paris Jackson Net Worth

Paris Jackson’s estimated Net Worth has a net worth of $100 Million.

The net worth of Paris Jackson is Something everyone wants to know. After all, she is the daughter of a Popstar, Michael. Inheriting the properties and wealth of her father is not the only source of income and net worth. Since she is a professional model herself and has done several movies in her career, Paris might have added some wealth by herself.

But the fact her major part of her net worth comes from whatever her father left for her and her other siblings. According to some reliable sources, Michael Jackson’s daughter might have inherited around $100 million. All her siblings have a net worth of around many million dollars. Therefore, we can say that Paris Jackson must have an excellent net worth as well.


Relationship and Breakup with Ex-Boyfriend Michael Snoddy

Paris Jackson had a perfect relationship with Michael Snoddy. Michael Snoddy was a drummer, and they both went along well with each other. However, their relationship ended recently because of some unknown reasons. According to the latest reports, their breakup was peaceful, and there was no action. There is no proof of her being in a relationship, so it can be said that she is single.

Beautiful picture of Michael Snoddy kissing his girlfriend Paris Jackson

Caption: Paris Jackson broke up with her ex-boyfriend Michael Snoddy

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

Career and Profession

Jackson took part in the children’s fantasy film ‘Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys. The book written by Dennis Christen inspired the film’s story. However, that film was hung up, and it was never released as it was in development hell.

At the age of 14, she entered the list of most beautiful by People Magazine. The Jackson family then tried to launch a documentary in memory of Michael Jackson. The name of the documentary was Remembering Michael. Nevertheless, it was not much success, and this project was shut down. She has signed a contract with IMG Models, FOX’s Star, and she will debut in a film called Gringo (in 2018).


She has two brothers, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (elder) and Prince Michael Jackson II (younger half-brother). Other than that, she does not have any siblings. She has better relationships with Prince. They both have “We are inseparable” tattooed to show their love to each other. Both of them have similar net worth too.

Cute Siblings: Paris Jackson with her two brothers

Caption: Paris Jackson with her siblings Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (Right) and Prince Michael Jackson (Left)

Source: Daily Mail

Age, Bio

Paris was born on 3rd April in 1998 in Beverly Hills, California. She got her name ‘Paris’ because her parental grandmother and her father were conceived in Paris in France. She is the youngest child of the divorced couple Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson.

Father Michael Jackson solely raised her on his own, and he got full custody of the child after his divorce from Debbie in 1999. Michael Jackson chose Macaulay Culkin and Elizabeth Taylor as the godfather of Paris and Prince.

She and her siblings had to wear masks in public in their childhood because Michael Jackson wanted to hide their faces from the media and the public. She studied at Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California, for her education. She was used to participating in softball, cheerleading, and football until she left the school in 2013.

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