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Nipsey Hussle’s son Kross Asghedom and Daughter Emani Asghedom with long time girlfriend Lauren London 2022

Ermias Asghedom otherwise known popularly as Nipsey Hussle has been quite successful in the American rapping scene and that is quite visible in his massive reputation. But there is more to the life of this renowned American rapper than just money, cars and his origins. His personal life has been a major source of media attention. If you want to know more about it, then let us take a look at the following discussion about Nipsey Hussle’s Girlfriend, wife, and children, Son Kross Asghedom and daughter Emani Asghedom.  

Nipsey Hussle’s relationship with long-time girlfriend, Lauren London: Any marriage plans?

Nipsey Hussle’s relationships have stirred up controversies all the time in the media. His unique rapping style and along with his massive earnings do make him one of the celebrities to be noted frequently by media. Despite the media attention, Nipsey has been able to keep his personal life under the wraps for long by maintaining a low-key profile.

However, his relationship with long-time girlfriend and rumored wife, Lauren London did not skip the attention of the paparazzi. In a recent interview, the couple opened up about their first encounter. They met through Instagram as Lauren wanted to buy a limited edition mixtape that was put on sale by Nipsey.

Nipsey Hussle was selling the mixtape by making only a thousand copies and by opportunity, famous rapper Jay-Z bought 97 copies of the mixtape showing him support. There have been well-established stories about Nipsey being in an on and off relationship with Lauren London.

Image of Nipsey Hussle with his wife Lauren London
Nipsey Hussle with his wife, Lauren London

Furthermore, there have been prominent rumors about their split despite agreeing to co-parent their son. This was primarily due to a Twitter post by Nipsey’s ex-girlfriend about their continuing affair with each other, and this was when Nipsey was in a relationship with Lauren. A twitter post in November announcing the couple’s mutual separation also made the rounds on media for quite some time.

However, their recent appearances in public as well as media interactions show a different picture as Nipsey Hussle and his rumored wife, Lauren London, have continued to show support for each other. The couple were spotted together on a Christmas date in December 2018 at the game of Lakers against Minnesota Timberwolves and also shared a Halloween photo on the internet which showed them dressed as Ginger McKenna and Sam Rothstein in the 1995 film ‘Casino’.

The rumors of Nipsey Hussle and girlfriend Lauren London being husband and wife after a secret wedding ceremony have also been noted frequently. On the other hand, Lauren has always brushed off rumors about their marriage and has also stated that they do not have any plans for a marriage shortly. Lauren is working as an actress known popularly for her work in TV shows such as Entourage and films such as ATL.       

Nipsey Hussle and Girlfriend Lauren London’s Previous Relationship.

Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London were both involved in previous relationships and had children from their ex-partners. Nipsey Hussle’s ex-girlfriend is Tanisha Asghedom, and they have a daughter together from their relationship.

Tanisha has continued to claim frequently in media that her relationship with Nipsey Hussle never ended. On the contrary, Nipsey Hussle has never issued any statement claiming to be in a relationship with Tanisha Asghedom.

Image of Lauren London relationship with Lil Wayne
Lauren London relationship with Lil Wayne

Lauren London was in a relationship with another popular American rapper, Lil Wayne since she was 15 years old. She announced her separation from Wayne in January 2009, and it was only two years later in May 2011 that she opened up about the details of their separation. Lauren also had a son from her relationship with Wayne.

Bio on Nipsey Hussle’s son

Nipsey Hussle is a father to a bundle of joy that he welcomed with his girlfriend, Lauren London. Nipsey Hussle’s son is named Kross Asghedom, who was born on August 31, 2016. The couple has taken care to keep the life of Kross low profile, and there are a limited number of pictures of Kross on the internet.

Image of Nipsey Hussle son Kross Asghedom
Nipsey Hussle son Kross Asghedom

Lauren and Nipsey have been supportive of each other in the parenting of Kross despite the frequent rumors about them splitting up. At the age of two years, Kross Asghedom has a bright future ahead which would only be decided by the course he chooses in his career.  

Bio on Nipsey Hussle’s daughter Emani Asghedom

A discussion on the personal life of Nipsey Hussle can compromise on information about his homes or cars but not about his daughter. Nipsey Hussle had a daughter from his relationship with Tanisha Asghedom. She is named Emani Asghedom, and the details about her date of birth have not been disclosed on official sources. Emani has also been kept in a low-key profile so as not to grab media attention.

Image of Nipsey Hussle with his daughter Emani Asghedom
Nipsey Hussle with his daughter Emani Asghedom
Name Nipsey Hussle
Age 33 years (Born August 15, 1985)
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Occupation Rapper, Actor
Kids Kross Asghedom (Son)

Emani Asghedom (Daughter)

Spouse Lauren Nicole London (Ex-girlfriend)

Tanisha Asghedom (Ex-girlfriend)

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