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Nick Groff is Married. Meet His Wife Veronique Groff. Also Check Net worth, age.

Nick Groff

At the time when a  celebrity starts to rise to fame, it is entirely acceptable for the public to start questioning the lives they lead or to behave rather curiously with regards to their personal life. But the downside to this is that it is solely up to the celebrity as to whether they would like to share their lives or not.

Tv personality and  “ paranormal “ investigator, Nick Groff appears to be one of those celebrities whose have chosen not to shed too much light on his personal life. So, today we will explore beyond that barrier and head into his private life. Stay tuned to know more about Nick Groff’s married life with wife Veronique Groff. Also net worth and age.

Nick Groff is married to wife Veronique since 2004 :

Nick Groff has been a married man for quite a long time now.  He is married to his girlfriend who he was in a long-term relationship with,  Veronique Roussel.

They had a long dating period with each other that lasted for many years before making their big decision to get married. After several years had passed in their relationship, they tied the knot in Las Vegas on 25 September 2004.

Beautiful Couple: Nick Groff and Veronique

Nick Groff married his wife Veronique in 2004

Source: Twitter

Family and  kids:

Nick and Veronique have two daughters. Their names are Annabelle and Chloë. This couple has made it a long way in their marriage, they have been married for over ten years now. They say their relationship has been and remains a good, strong relationship. Nick and his wife at the moment live in  Massachusetts with their two daughters.

Beautiful Family: Nick Groff, his wife Veronique and children

Nick Groff with his wife Veronique and two daughters

Source: Twitter

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Nick Groff Net worth

Nick Groff has a net worth of $1 million. He is a tv personality and also investigated paranormals.

Nick Groff's net worth is $1 Million

Nick Groff’s net worth is $1 Million

He did the first work as an editor and cameraman for the show that aired on the travel channel called Vegas Stripped. Straight after that, he went on to work as a co-investigator and executive producer of Ghost Adventures.

In 2014, he added his contribution to work as an investigator and to be a  producer of Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks. Ever since 2016, he is employed as a  lead investigator for the television series Paranormal Lockdown. When he is not investigating, he is producing music.

Other than the tv shows the sources of income to add in Nick Groff Net Worth is not seen.

Short Wiki-bio:

Nicholas or  “Nick” Groff as he is more commonly known,  was born on April 19th, 1980, in San José, California.He is 37 years of age. About his height, he is 1.85 meters tall and has a slim body, however, his exact weight is not revealed.

He was raised in New England. He has always found such an intense fascination with paranormal events and happening ever since his childhood. He obviously has a passion for it and because of having this passion for horror, thriller and many other unusual experiences that happened in his home and family, he started to act on his passion.

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