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Nicholas Hoult girlfriend Bryana Holly wiki-bio: age, birthday, height, Net worth 2022.

Bryana Holly

The humble fashion model Bryana Holy has been able to attract a greater audience with her soft smile and great personality as  American fashion model.

When she was faced with the plastic surgery rumor, she boldly confronted her followers on twitter saying

“don’t feel the need to alter or change urself purely to fit in with what society’s standard might make you believe you are SUPPOSED to look like”.

This proved that Bryana is a natural beauty who is confident with herself. Bryana is currently dating X men star Nicholas Hoult, a British actor. The two began their relationship in March 2017 after being friends for a while.

Bryana Holly Wiki bio, including age, birthday, height

Name: Bryana Holly
Nickname: Bry
Birthday: July 12th, 1993
Birthplace: Huntington Beach California
Nationality: American
Occupation: Fashion Model and Actor
Height: 5.7 ft
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dyed Blond Hair
Bryana Holly's height is 5'7 ft
Bryana Holly’s height is 5’7 ft

Source: Instagram

Playboy model Bryna Holly is dating with actor boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult.

Bry and X-Men star Nicholas Hoult began their relation earlier 2017 in March. Their relationship which is currently six months old has seen its better days. The two have been spotted in a park rolling and having fun like they were the only ones in the park.

Nicholas is a British Actor who is 6’3 ft tall with blue eyes and dark brown hair. His girlfriend on the hand is an American fashion model, 5’7 ft tall with brown eyes and dyed brown hair.

Beautiful Couple: Bryna Holly walking around the park with boyfriend Nicholas Hoult
Bryna Holly dating with actor boyfriend Nicholas Hoult


Before Nicholas Hoult, Bryana has been in 3 other relationships. In 2013 she was dating Brody Jenner of the Kardashian family. After their split in October 2013 Bry began dating Leonardo Dicarprio in 2014, the two broke up, and Bry hooked up with Irvin Ashton in 2015 the two had an off on a relationship which came to an end in 2016. Bry confirmed the breakup during one of her interviews

Bryana Holly Net worth

Bryana Holly has a net worth of $1M as per the 2016 statistics.

Following her career as a fashion model and actress, Bryana has secured herself with lots of advertisements and feature magazines which have enabled her to upgrade her net worth to the current value. Some of the common awards that she has included the miss September 2012 by Transworld stuff and her feature in the popular men entertainment magazine ‘Playboy.’ Bry has been featured in various swimwear commercials in California.

Bryana Holly's net worth is $1 Million
Bryana Holly’s net worth is $1 Million

Career and profession

Bryana began her modeling career in her hometown California. After making herself popular by ensuring she associated herself with the best modeling agencies in California. Her social media pages especially Instagram participated making her popular.

With over 1.7 M followers on her Instagram page, it is clear to name her one of the Instagram queens. She was even named as the Instagram girl of the week. After gaining popularity, this opened up doors for her modeling career into the fashion industry.

In 2012 she won the miss September competition held by Transworld Surf Magazine. Later she was featured by the popular American men entertainment magazine ‘Playboy.’ This had a great impact on her career as she gained more fame after being featured in the magazine.

She was then featured as the cover girl of “fit to run” magazine. From then Bryana has been featured in multiple swimwear commercials alongside her fashion modeling career. In 2015, Bry acted in a 3-minute short musical video “Zeds dead: collapse” which was directed by Danny Sawaf. This is just a tip of the many accomplishments by Bryana Holly.

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