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Neil deGrasse Tyson Net Worth, Wife Alice Young, Son Travis Tyson and Daughter Miranda Tyson 2022.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the prolific science communicators in the modern world. He is a cosmologist and astrophysicist, among the 12 members who have made a considerable impact in the “Future of the US Aerospace Industry” since 2001.

He has done so many things as an astrophysicist. However, being a communicator is what has made him famous in the contemporary world. He has hosted a popular TV show called “Nova Science Show” that helped impart scientific knowledge to his audience.

He is an eloquent presenter apart from being an avid scientist. He boasts of vast knowledge in different scientific disciplines. People love his rhetoric, sense of humor and the way he presents his show to the audience.

There are so many things that his fans don’t know about him, and that’s why this guide is meant to review more about Neil’s life including net worth, career, his married life to his wife, and his children.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Net worth

Neil has done so many things in his life, having worked as a science communicator, astrophysicist and an author, he has made a lot of money. Currently, his net worth stands at 2 million dollars.

Neil is profoundly interested astronomy. Having done astrophysicist at the university, he was hired by several college programs and even received an invitation from Carl Sagan to join Cornell University.

Neil deGrasse Net Worth is $2 Million

Neil deGrasse Net Worth is $2 Million

Neil has published several papers. He also has written many scientific journals such as the Natural History magazine. He has also worked at the Commission of the Future of the United States.  Working both as an astrophysicist, scientific communicator, and a TV host has made his immense fortune.


Tyson’s research work is comprehensive, but include exploding stars, star formation, the structure of our milky way and dwarf galaxies.

Posted by Jodi Solomon, Speaking ManagerCommencement and honorary degree recipient 2015 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Posted by Neil deGrasse Tyson on Monday, May 11, 2015

Former US president Bush appointed Tyson as a member of the 12-member commission to study the Future of the US Aerospace Industry in 2001. The findings were published in 2002 and had recommendations that helped promote the future of space explorations, future of transportation and national security.

He was once again appointed by Bush to serve as a member of the 9-member commission on the implementation of US Space Exploration Policy known as Moon, Mars, and Beyond committee, in 2004. The team came up with a path through which the new space vision became a significant part of the America agenda.

Neil deGrasse is Married to wife Alice Young

Neil Tyson is a married man. He met his beautiful wife Alice Young over decades ago and the two married in 1988. They have two beautiful children whom they live in Lower Manhattan. The two kids are daughter Miranda Tyson and son Travis Tyson.

Neil met his wife while he was attending a physics class at the University of Texas Austin. Alice is a former IT manager for Bloomberg Financial Markets.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Alice Young

Caption:- Neil deGrasse Tyson Alice Young

The couple has a Son Travis Tyson and Daughter Miranda Tyson

Neil’s eldest child is Miranda Tyson. It seems she graduated from highs school in 2014. She is currently a student at Harvard University. She graduated from high school at an early age. As for Travis, he is the youngest in the family. Much is not known about him because the family has kept his personal life private.

Wiki bio

Name Neil deGrasse Tyson
Place of Birth The United States
Wife Alice Young
Kids Miranda Tyson, Travis Tyson
Net Worth $2 million

1 thought on “Neil deGrasse Tyson Net Worth, Wife Alice Young, Son Travis Tyson and Daughter Miranda Tyson 2022.”

  1. When it comes to astrophysics Neil has been the lead author of a handful of forgettable papers. And that was decades ago.

    When it comes to science advocacy, his over simplified pop sci is often wrong. His stories from history are even worse. He will straight up invent histories to support his talking points.

    Neil’s super enthusiastic when it comes to correcting others. But doesn’t lift a finger to counter his own misinformation. Expanding his wallet is his first mission, not expanding knowledge.

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