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Are Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern from Mountain Men Married?

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Image of Morgan Beasley with his wife, Margaret Stern

Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern are survival experts, and reality tv personalities. Most of their life is extensively documented on History Channel’s Mountain Men. Like all the other characters on the show, Morgan and Margaret have discarded every semblance of modern technology, choosing to go back to the very roots of humanity.

They live completely off the grid, contending with every single danger that can be found in the wilderness. These may range wild animals, to even natural disasters like mudslides. Let’s find out whether Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern from mountain men are legally married.

Who are Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern?

Image of Morgan Beasley with his wife, Margaret Stern
Morgan Beasley with his wife, Margaret Stern

Morgan is a former tour guide, and construction expert. Aside from this, he has dabbled with several other ventures, including stints at a fish processing plant, and even a trail crew.

Additionally, Morgan is a graduate of the Idaho University, where he attained a BA in Environmental Science. Beasley’s love for the outdoors has taken him everywhere, including the Alaskan Range.

On Mountain Men, his construction and hunting skills are always on display. Over the years, he has built cabins, outdoor kitchens, barns, and airstrips.

Margaret Stern, on the other hand, is a Houston native who is skilled when it comes to farming and working with horses. As far as education goes, Stern was first enrolled at a College in Maine, where she took on a course in Botany and Natural History.

In addition to her impressive credentials, Margaret is also a licensed pilot. If that is not impressive enough, she is equally proficient when it comes to finding the right plants to eat.

How did they meet?

Morgan and Margaret first met in Alaska, after they had both moved up north. They took an instant liking to each other, particularly as both were huge fans of the outdoors.

Moreover, they were both quite content to build a life off the grid. Presently, the happy couple raises many animals, ranging from three dogs, six horses, and even six hens.

In one Instagram post, Margaret talked about their first night out in the wilderness. This was seven years ago, more specifically, on the 9th of February 2015.

They set up a campsite and the expedition beds that they’d snuggle into later. Morgan then started a fire and roasted about a pound of bacon between themselves.

Later, they popped open a bottle of scotch to mark the special occasion. The presence of their dog, Rufous, who was still alive at the time, made it even more special.

Are Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern from mountain men married?

As far as we can tell, Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern are married. However, they are not together in the traditional sense.

There are no official records to show that they are married, but what is evident is that they have completed dedicated their lives to each other. So far, they have been together for nearly a decade, dating to their first encounter in Alaska.

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