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Molly Shannon Net Worth, Salary, Age, Husband Fritz Chesnut, Children. 2022

Image of Molly Shannon Net Worth, Salary, Age, Husband, Children

Some people are naturally born funny, while others immerse themselves in character and execute the comical roles they play. Meet one, Molly Shannon, an American actress known for voicing many acts as well as playing diverse roles in movies and TV shows. She has been in show business for quite some time now, and we’re here to give you the highlight reel of Molly Shannon’s net worth, salary, age, husband Fritz Chesnut, and kids.

Molly Shannon Net Worth & Salary.

The actress has made a fortune from her movie appearances and voice roles in Hotel Transylvania where she voiced Wanda. However, much of her success comes from her role in Saturday Night Live between 1995 and 2001.

Molly Shannon has amassed a net worth of roughly $8 million during her career in front of the camera. Making people laugh is no joke – no pun intended. Her comical voice impressions have landed her tons of work next to other renowned Hollywood celebrities.

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Other sources of income come from related ventures such as producing and directing shows. The actress even appeared in Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj’s Swish Swish music video released in 2017 where she played Coach Molly. Her ability to play diverse roles is what defines her as a great actress and is reflected on Molly Shannon’s net worth figure.

Molly Shannon’s Salary is $200,000 annually.

Molly Shannon Is Married To Husband Fritz Chesnut

Away from her passion for the stage, the actress loves kids. Most of her voice adaptations are usually in animations and kid’s films. Sooner or later she settled down and had her kids. The comical actress has two kids named Stella and Nolan. Her daughter, Stella brought her much joy when she was born in 2003, and her son, Nolan brought even more cheer during his birth in 2005. Not saying that she loves her son more, she adores them both equally.

File:Fritz Chesnut and Molly Shannon portrait 2009.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Molly Shannon is a married woman. The humorous actress dater her current husband named Fritz Chesnut for two years before their marriage on May 29th, 2004. Just like her, he is also quite established in the industry.

However, he is particular to art as he is a talented artist. The couple is mostly seen spending time together as a family with all smiles and laughter. We all know who’s responsible for those. There have been no controversies relating to their 18 years of marriage, and they intend to keep it that way.

How old is Molly Shannon? Her age, birthdate.

The Hollywood actress first blessed her parents’ lives with her birth on September 16th, 1964. This date makes her age stand at 53 years old. Her star sign is Virgo. She has been aging quite gracefully such that there were rumors speculated that she got Botox. These allegations are, however, not right as she has never undergone any plastic surgery to enhance her looks.

Career info.

The story of how she managed to make her breakthrough into Hollywood is such an Inspiring story that they should write a book about it. Kids nowadays will call them waitresses, but back in the day, she used to work as a hostess at a Cravings Restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. She mostly ushered people in and to their tables. One of her other jobs was at Gelson’s supermarket where she worked as a food demo girl.

It wasn’t long before Molly Shannon realized that her life didn’t just have to revolve around food. It was this mindset that pushed her to audition for various roles in films. She landed a couple of small roles like the Horror remake of The Phantom of the Opera and a parody of Star Trek.

Her talent got recognized, and much came her breakthrough on NBC’s sitcom, Saturday Night Live for six years. The roles she played opened career paths for her that she took with open arms. The actress has started insignificant leading roles as well as supporting characters in films like Scary Movie 4, My Boss’s Daughter, The Santa Clause 2, Little Man, and many more.


Name Molly Shannon
Age 57
Date of Birth September 16th, 1964
Place of Birth Shaker Heights, Ohio
Profession TV personality, actress, comedian
Net worth $8 million
Husband Fritz Chesnut
Kids 2
Height 5 feet 4 inches.

The SNL actress was born to her parents James Francis Shannon and Mary Margaret Keating in Shaker Height, Ohio. Her nationality is American by birth ethnicity as white. She grew up Catholic as the result of her parentage. Her dad was a sales manager and her mom was a teacher. Her mother passed away when she was four years old through a gruesome accident that killed her younger sister and cousin as well.

She attended St. Dominic School and pursued higher education at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Guess her education finally paid off as seen through her acting roles.


Unknown to many, especially when she is doing voice roles, Molly Shannon has been the cause of joy to many kids. The actress enjoys her time with her husband and two kids while balancing her career. From her net worth, we can tell she does a splendid job.

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