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Mo Farah

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The Somali native Mo Farah is a British long-distance runner with more than 20 years on the track. He is common for the 5000 meters and 1000 meter race. Being the 2012 and 2016 gold medalist, Mo Farah’s net worth is set to increase with every medal he wins. Farah went to the United Kingdom at the age of eight years from Somali. It was in his junior school years that his talent as a runner was discovered by his then coach Alan Watkinson. He began running for the school team before quitting school to fully focus on his athletics career.

How much is Mo Farah Worth? Net Worth.

His athletic career began in 1996, He has participated both as an individual and as a team. Excelling in most of the competitions He has won both Gold, Silver and Bronze medals throughout his career life. Mo Farah’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

He currently holds the 2016 Olympic Gold medal record. His Medal summary is estimated to be over 18 gold medals,  8 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals. His net worth is fully attributed to his athletics career over the years mainly being the championships he has won. Other than the championships his net worth is also as a result of the endorsement deals he has signed with various companies such as Nike, Lucozade, Pace sport among others.

Mo Farah Olympic Gold medalist increases his net worth

Caption: Mo Farah Olympic Gold medalist increases his net worth


His House and Cars.

Having excelled in his career, Mo lives a luxurious life in Portland. His house located in one of the luxurious estates in Portland’s is estimated to worth millions. In such a serene environment with the richly furnished fittings in the house clearly, the worth of the house is justified. Mo Farah and his family have managed to maintain a scandalous free life in the public by showing support in each other.

Mo Farah house

Caption: Mo Farah house

Net Worth by Years 2014-2017

Year Net worth
2014 $4 million
2015 $4.5 million
2017 $ 5 Million
2019 $ 5 Million

His rich lifestyle.

Both Mo Farah and his wife Tania Nell maintain a professional profile to the public.  Despite living in luxurious estate and driving some of the most expensive cars, Mo and his family maintain a low public profile. Mo and his wife have been a number of red carpet events either to for professional talks or professional awards.

Kisa and Married life with wife Tania Nell.

On 23rd March 1983, Mo Farah was born in Somali, eight years later he moved to the United Kingdom. He began his career in junior school and later on during college Mo decided to focus on his career fully.  In 2016 after winning the gold medal in Olympic Rio, he secured a place in the books of history by winning double gold.

He has married his long-term girlfriend Tania Nell in 2010. Mo and Tania have four children; Rhianna, Aisha, Amani, and Hussein, Aisha and Amani are twins born in 2012 after the London Olympic. Despite Rhianna not being Mo’s daughter, Farah publicly declared that he loves her like his own daughter. Hussein who is the youngest member of the Farah family was born in late 2015.

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