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Michelle Belanger Married, Husband, Net worth, Age, Wiki-bio 2022

Image of Michelle Belanger Married, Husband, Net worth, Age, Wiki-bio

In today’s world of growing scientific and technological advancements many of us will deny and detest the idea of the paranormal.

However, some would still beg to differ on the matter and argue about the existence of the paranormal or supernatural.

You cannot deny specific studies and evidence made in support of the paranormal and people like Michelle Belanger who is a paranormal author and expert and even someone who considers herself a paranormal entity.

Learn more about her career and net worth dealing with such a mysterious lifestyle.

Find out more information about her wiki-bio like her age and don’t forget crucial personal details from her married life and if Michelle Belanger has a husband?

Michelle Belanger’s Husband and Married Life

Michelle Belanger may seem weird to us “normal” folks with her paranormal beliefs, but actually, she is no different when it comes to her personal life.

Many of the readers are probably interested in finding out more about Michelle’s married life.

Well, Michelle is a married woman, but if you try to search for information about her husband, then you will probably run into a dead end. Not because her husband like to keep himself and their married life out of the public eye but because her husband does not exist.

Michelle Belanger is married but to a wife named Elyria Rose Little.

Michelle’s sexuality is not covered in her wiki-bio pages, but she sure is not straight.

Michelle Belanger declared the near beginning of her married life with Elyria through Twitter who by the way happens to be the granddaughter of none other than Vera Cooper Rubin.

Image of Michelle Belangers with her partner Elyria Rose
Michelle Belanger with her partner Elyria Rose

Vera Rubin was a very famous astronomer who established the presence of dark matter in galaxies and pioneered in the study of galaxy rotation rates.

Elyria herself is a poet, adventurer and we quote “lover” of Michelle in her Twitter bio.

We do not know if she is technically married to Elyria as her post only features a video of them getting engaged in front of a large audience. Although you have to give credit for Michelle towards her absolute determination at declaring her married life as soon as she got engaged.

The post dates back to 22nd September 2016, almost 2 years which is more than enough time for the two to be married.

Yet we cannot be sure when it comes to Michelle after her views on Polygamy.

Michelle Belanger’s Net Worth

The famous author, singer and advocate, Michelle Belanger also likes to classify herself as a psychic vampire.

She is known for being an activate advocate for the Vampire Community.

Her most notable career has been as an author as which she has published over two dozen books related to the paranormal, magic and occult including books like ‘Psychic Vampire Codex’ and ‘The Black Veil.’

Such important works must have earned massive net worth. Her sources of net worth do not end there as she is also a singer and has sung for the neo-classical duo band Nox Arcana and also written the lyrics to their album Blood of Angels.

She also performed with another band called URN in 2 of their albums ‘Desecrated Ashes’ and ‘Dancing with the Demigods’.

Michelle Belanger has also featured in numerous TV shows like the hit A& E feature ‘Paranormal State’ and ‘Vampire Secrets’ in History Chanel.

She was also featured in the 2007 movie ‘Vampyres’ from a book adaptation.

The exact amount of her net worth that she collects out of all her career contributions is still not known.

Michelle Belanger’s Age, Wiki, Bio

Michelle Belanger is a renowned author, singer, and advocate. Her literary works have made her a favorite source for TV shows, university courses, documentaries and various publications.

She was born on 11th January 1973 which makes her 49years old.

She has worked in multiple fields promoting her beliefs and knowledge on vampires and other paranormal concepts.

Michelle Belanger currently resides in her home in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

She lives together with her 3 cats and what she only mentions as “a few friendly spirits” and a library of more than five thousand books.

There is not much known about her wiki-bio even though she is the author of more than a dozen books like ‘Conspiracy of Angels’ and ‘The Dictionary of Demons.’

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