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Meet Todd Gurley girlfriend Olivia Davison? Getting Married Soon? 2022

Image of Meet Todd Gurley girlfriend Olivia Davison? Getting Married Soon?

Just how much could you be knowing about the Los Angeles players? If much then you don’t need to scratch your head too much over the name Todd Gurley. He is among the younger players recognized in the National football league of America and has recently been ranked among the top 6 players of 2018.

His black skin tone and masculinity are one of the many things giving ladies sleepless nights. So is Todd Gurley married? If yes who is Todd Gurley’s wife? Or maybe he is dating, but if so, who is Todd Gurley’s girlfriend. Find Todd’s marital status and more into his spouse’s life if any below.

Who is Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend? Or is he married to a wife?

If you have been following the life of the international footballer, you know that Olivia Davison is the lucky woman in her life. They truly deserve each other because Davison deserves a princess if not a queen crown description-beautiful is even an understatement for her girlfriend’s description.

The two have however not been engaged so you cannot speak of Todd Gurley’s married life. Olivia and Davison have been dating for the longest time, and it was all partner show off on various social sites until recently when they all went mute.

Todd Gurley & Rumored Girlfriend Olivia Davison |

In fact, Todd Gurley’s wife-to-be did not post a congratulatory on Gurley’s $60 million contract extension as is the norm. Speculations are that the two may not be in good terms. However, it could be their own way of keeping their love life a secret. Attributing to such speculations is not only their sudden silence but Todd Gurley’s girlfriend’s Instagram suggestive photos with other men.

Could she have left Todd? Apparently, no bean has been split by either of the two and until that happens, you are urged to believe that the two are still in a perfect relationship only that the rules may have changed to a little more secrecy.

Short career detail

You must be familiar with the rumored tale that beauty and brains do not mix and if they mix, the man to marry such a lady will be indeed lucky. Well, if this is the case, Gurley is counted among the lucky guys out there.  This is because Todd Gurley’s girlfriend other than being beautiful is also sharp up straight and an independent woman.

The pretty lay attended her high school studies at Bozeman. In 2016, Davison graduated from the University of Georgia which marked the beginning of her career life. Ms. Davison has worked in various firms including House of Lux rooted in Athens, Georgia. She is currently working at Jessica Simpsons, Campus manager.

In spite, the fact that her career is well understood and sources of income availed in public Olivia Davisson’s net worth and salary is not known but will be updated sooner rather than later.

Wiki Bio

You know for a fact that Todd was born on 8th March 1994 in Baltimore hence age 27. You also know that he schooled in Tarboo High school and graduated from Georgia College and now has an estimated net worth of $45 million in 2022. In case you didn’t know, now you know but what of his girlfriend’s details.

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There is not much known about the personal life of Todd Gurley’s wife to be. The information from credible sources is that she is the daughter of Jeff and Rona Davison. In fact, Olivia Davison is the only daughter of her parents. She has two brothers Noah and Joel. Given the birth date of Gurley, you can say that the partners are age mated because Todd Gurley’s wife was also born in 1994. To be precise, the princess was born on 23rd October 1994. Bozeman besides being an area where she grew up is also her birthplace.

Davison’s publicity is attributed to his boyfriend’s celebrity status. Her first appearance if you were keen was at the Draft ceremony in 2015 alongside Todd Gurley. Her hobbies are swimming and traveling because most of her photos revolve around travel and swimming life.  The exact height and weight of the pretty lady are unfortunately not available at the moment.


Official Names Olivia Davison
Birthdate 23.10.1994
Birthplace Bozeman
Parents Jeff and Rona Davison
Siblings Noah and Joel
Education Bozeman High School, University of Georgina
Marital status Dating Todd Gurley
Children None
Career Campus Manager, Jessica Simpson
Net worth Not known
Weight Not known

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