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Marty Meierotto’s Wiki bio, Net Worth and Age. 2022

Marty Meierotto

Marty Meierotto is a man whose wiki focuses more on what he does with his hands than his age, net worth, and marital status. However, ranging from his personal life to his professional, his wiki tells us a little more about what he managed to achieve for himself at his age.

Marty Meierotto’s net worth

Marty Meierotto grew up as a fur trapper in his early years. He has been making a living out of it even before his net worth gave him prominence. From a young age, he would go fur trapping with his dad, and that became a part of him since then. Due to the fact that his way of living is quite strenuous and humanly overwhelming, he attracted the producers of the show on the History channel.

According to his wiki, this gave him a job that we are sure from a tender age he never imagined himself gaining. Marty has a net worth of $250,000. His money, however, doesn’t make him feel any different. Meierotto revealed from an early age that he found purpose in what he did so whether he gained that much of money, it doesn’t change who he is.

Marty Meierotto [2022 Update] Mountain Men Wiki

Age: How old is Marty Meierotto from Mountain men

For those who have watched the show Mountain Men, Meierotto is also known as a lifesaver because he is always helping someone from becoming an ice pop. However, Meierotto is not big on releasing information about his personal information, and that includes his age. Nevertheless, his wiki does reveal that he is in his late 50’s.

Marty Meierotto in hunting foods
‘Mountain Men’ star Marty Meierotto is in his 50’s

Source: Youtube

Marty Meierotto wiki type bio

Marty Meierotto was born in Wisconsin, United States of America. Information about his parents is not known. His siblings are not known either. However, Meierotto is married to his wife Dominique with whom he has a daughter by the name of Noah. They all share a special bond and that can be noted by watching how they live their lives and how they are always supportive of each other.

Most times Meierotto walks over 200 miles away from his home just to get to his trap. Now, this kind of work requires the warmth and compassion of one’s family. Marty has a net worth of $250,000 and an annual salary of $60,000. Meierotto is originally from Canada, but he is currently living in the Alaskan Revolution Mountains.

Additionally, Meierotto is a member of the Alaska trapper association which he is proud of. Judging by his good skills, he earned his position in the association.

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