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Marlene Knaus: Niki Lauda’s ex-wife. What is she doing after divorce?

Marlene Knaus

Marlene Knaus or famously known as Marlene Lauda was born in America but is an Austrian national. She was a top fashion artist and a model in her time. She was married to Niki Lauda, who was a legendary Formula 1 driver, and perhaps it very well explains why the couple turned out to be the most talked about in their time. Marlene was so beautiful that Niki found love with her in first sight, although he was in an 8-year long relation, he dumped his girlfriend and almost instantaneously decided to spend the rest of his life with Marlene.

The couple got married in 1976 and their happy married life lasted for around 15 years. Marlene had a pretty noticeable sex appeal and had a perfectly toned body. Nevertheless, she can be regarded as one of the most innocent fashion models in the industry, and even during her peak time, when she was on top of her fame level, she was never indulged in any sort of controversy or relationship with any guy, neither was she seen dating anyone. Quite a difficult task to do, given the environment of constant media attention on her. But nevertheless, Marlene has been the lady of the day and her life is a true example of a hard working and a loyal woman.

Marlene Knaus’s Married life with Niki Lauda

Marlene Knaus was married to Niki Lauda in Vienna, Austria in 1976 and was the most discussed couple in electronic media, largely because of Niki’s fame in the racing world. The couple kept their private life secret and away from media so as to avoid any controversies, nevertheless what we do know about the couple is the fact that they had quite a healthy relationship as a couple and were very happy with each other. Their first son, who is now 36 years old, was born in January 1981, and their second son was born in the following years. The couple looked pretty happy with each other but got separated in 1991 and parted ways, but the couple never blamed each other for their divorce and the reason behind this move is still unknown to the general public.

Niki Lauda and his ex-wife Marlene Knaus seems together
Marlene Knaus with her husband Niki Lauda

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Reason for divorce

Malenda’s divorce with Niki is quite surprising and came as a shock to the social media pundits as the couple was looking very happy with each other, and even after the divorce both of them are seen praising each other and never blamed the other half for the divorce; however she is still very happy in her life.

What is she doing after Divorce?

Marlene is living a quiet and a very simple life with her family in Ibiza but has since the divorce, maintained a close relationship with Niki. The couple often goes to dinner together and is in contact with each other constantly. She never married or indulged in any sort of relationship after her divorce in 1996 and never appeared on TV after her divorce. What’s more surprising is the fact that Niki got married to Birgit Wetzinger, and Marlene made friends with her. She now lives a happy life with both, her old family, and her new family which includes Birgit as well.

We hope that Marlene keeps on living a simple and a happy life and that the ex-couple stays in touch forever, after all, we do not wish to see them break apart. We wish her a happy and a successful life ahead.


Marlene Knaus had 2 sons with Niki, namely Mathias and Lukas Lauda. Mathias continued in his father’s footsteps and entered the world of professional racing and has competed in many international events and has also represented Mercedes-Benz. Nevertheless, Mathias is nowhere even close to what his father has achieved, but he hopes he would one day amaze the world and conquer every other opponent soon enough and live up to the pride of his father. His younger brother Lukas works as Mathias’s manager and supports him in his career and his ambition to reach the top one day.

Profession and Career

Marlene, by profession, is a fashion artist and one of the top rated Austrian models of all time. She was famous for her elegance and her beauty which never failed to impress almost anyone. Nevertheless, her life as a model is kept quite private and we don’t know much about her, since she got her fame after her marriage with Niki, and is associated as the ex-wife of the driving legend, rather than a model herself. Nevertheless, her net worth is around $45 dollars. Quite amazing I must say!


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