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Mark Webber Net Worth 2018. Meet his wife Ann Neal.

Mark Webber Net Worth wife Ann Neal wiki bio career

World-renowned Mark Webber gained his celebrity status by being one of motorsports’ most popular and high-profile stars. He is well known for being a nine-time Grand Prix winner and FIA world endurance champion. Also, he managed to maintain his Australian roots and traditions despite the glamorous lifestyle of Formula One (F1) racers. Have a look at Mark Webber’s net worth and get to find out about his wife, Ann Neal.

Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber is married to wife Ann Neal. Kids?

The former F1 racer is married to wife, Ann Neal. The pair has managed to maintain a happy life despite the societal discrimination over their age difference.

Currently (2018), Mark Webber is aged 41 whereas his wife, Ann Neal is aged 64. They met in 1994 and quickly bonded over their love of the sport. In an appearance with Australian Story, he explained how the woman responsible for driving him to stardom won his heart.

Not only was she the romantic partner of Mark Webber, but also his manager. As his manager, Ann took Mark to Europe to kick-start his professional career of race driving.

This is when their fondness for each other flourished. Their relationship went from professional to personal. A while back, Ann Neal stated,

‘’ We just kind of had this bond and just grew close to determination more than anything else.’’

The couple publicly announced their relationship in Melbourne in 2002 after Mark Webber made his debut in the F1 series at the Australian Grand Prix.

The pair has a daughter whom Mark has dedicated to calling GT3. Mark illustrates in an interview,

‘’Life with my daughter is all about the atmosphere. She really knows how to make me happy, but since I’m still a fresh father, I learn new things every day. Still, it would help if GT3 came with a manual.’’

Mark Webber Net Worth is $1 Million in 2018.

Throughout his career, Mark Webber has managed to accumulate a net worth estimated at $10 million. A significant portion of Mark Webber’s net worth is attributed to his main source of income, Formula One (F1) races.

During his racing days, Mark used to earn a salary of half a million dollars yearly. No information is available regarding his other sources of income and the houses he owns.

The retired Formula one (F1) racer Mark Webber owns a Porsche 911 GT2 car. The luxurious car currently goes for $80,000. He also owns a Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0, Porsche 911 Turbo S, BMW X5, Infiniti M37 and a Nissan Navara.

Mark Webber Net Worth
Caption:- Mark Webber’s Net Worth is $10 million

More about his wife Ann Neal wife biography.

Ann Neal is the wife of the world-renowned, retired formula one (F1) racer, Mark Webber. Before Mark retired, Ann worked as his manager.

Due to various reasons, the couple had to keep their relationship under wraps for several years while Mark pursued his dream of being the best Formula One (F1) racer in the world.

Mark explains,

‘’ I just didn’t think it was the right message if I was going to talk to a team boss or a sponsor if I rocked in there saying, ‘

Oh my partner, my boyfriend.’’

Mark’s mother disapproved of his relationship with Ann. This led to Mark firing Ann as his manager. In an interview, he explained how the situation felt like a self-uppercut and how they managed to patch up the relationship.

Mark Webber Net Worth wife Ann Neal wiki bio career
Caption:- Mark Webber with beloved wife Ann Neal.

Mark states,

‘’Our relationship is totally wrapped up in one another and the motor racing. We just have this bond that just gets stronger all the time. I suppose we’re soul mates at the end of the day. That’s our story, we set out to do it and we did it.’’

No matter what, Mark Webber has made a long way with his wife Ann Neal, and they couldn’t be any happier.

Family, parents

There is limited information regarding Mark Webber’s family and parents. However, it is known publicly that he has a sister called Leanne and two nieces.

Wiki info, height, age, weight etc.

Mark Webber was born on 27th, August 1976 in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia. He enrolled in Karabar High School for his high school education.

Mark’s love for the sport began at an early age as he worked as a ball boy for a rugby league team. However, his passion lied in motorsports.

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