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While many countries have legalized gay marriages in the recent past, we can never forget the first Canadian athlete who revolutionized the phrase ‘Coming out of the closet.’ Meet Mark Tewksbury, a former Olympics swimming champion and gold medalist at the men’s backstroke competitive swimming. Let’s have a look into his personal life with his long-time partner and appreciate him for his net worth and contribution in his wiki-bio.

Mark Tewksbury Is Gay. Meet His Husband/Partner Rob Mabee.

As already mentioned, the athlete Mark Tewksbury is as open about his sexuality than a drug addict on drugs. However, like most members of the LGBTQ+ community, it was not comfortable opening up about his life. Times were different back then with many homophobic stereotypes dishing backlash to anyone who was wired differently.

Who could have understood him better than his family right? Wrong! When he first opened up to his parents, they were all shocked and in tears. However, they slowly learned to accept him for who he was leading to his big reveal to the world. The year was 1998 and at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre when he finally came out.

Image of Mark Tewksbury with his partner Rob Mabee

Mark Tewksbury with his partner Rob Mabee

A decade later, he rekindled with an old friend of his, Rob Mabee at a mutual friend’s party and they stuck together ever since. Mark Tewksbury and Partner Rob Mabee share the same fitness goals and encourage each other while working out. The two gentlemen have an age difference of 6 years with Rob being the older in the relationship. He works as an art curator.

Even though Mark Tewksbury and his partner Rob Mabee’s love has stood the test of time with almost a decade of dating, the couple is not married. They live together as partners but not legally as each other’s husband especially with the age of gay marriages.

Mark Tewksbury Net worth

The former Olympic champion has had a successful career both in competitive swimming and even after retirement. Mark Tewksbury net worth as of 2018 stands at $5 million. Much of his fortune and fame comes from his swimming career, and we believe you already get how much valuable gold is.

Image of Mark Tewksbury net worth is $5 million

Mark Tewksbury net worth is $5 million

His first biggest win, as well as his country’s, was in 1992 where he came out the best. Moreover, the athlete has also won a couple of other Medals like silver and bronze in the relays of the Summer Olympics.

Other sources include Brand endorsement deals that came after he became first at the Barcelona games. He became a high-profile athlete representative and also worked as one of the Board of Directors World Outgames. As a gesture of goodwill and the inspirational pillar for young athletes, Mark Tewksbury presented the only gold medal he won to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights as an exhibition.

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Wiki-bio, age

Name Marcus Tewksbury
Age 50
Date of Birth February 7th, 1968
Place of Birth Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Profession Former competitive swimmer
Net worth $5 million
Partner Rob Mabee
Kids None
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 176 lbs.
Star Sign Aquarius

Tewksbury was born in Calgary, Alberta on February 7th, 1968. Mark Tewksbury is currently 50 years of age and Canadian Nationality. Growing up gay was tough for him as documented in his book, Inside Out: Straight Talk from a Gay Jock.

He got picked on for being different by the Jocks and even had to switch schools. Masking his pain and his sexual orientation from his family was his specialty or as he recollects, ‘Home sweet home.’ Coupled with body issues, he was a walking mess. However, this status soon changed when his training at the University of Calgary finally paid off.

Career details

One of the athlete’s first shot at competitive swimming was at Seoul, South Korea at the Summer Olympics of 1988. He emerged second with a Silver medal. Four years later at the next Summer Olympics of 1992 held in Barcelona.

He gave it his all and emerged with a gold medal with great rankings as one of the best backstrokers in the world. The title got him into the International Swimming Hall of Fame as well as Canada’s Olympic and Sports Halls of fame. Having accomplished such a great feat, he retired from competitive swimming.

The aftermath included several jobs like the working as an IOC representative, the co-president of the 2006 World Outgames. Mark Tewksbury is also known for being vocal about the LGBTQ+ community as seen through his publications. Other roles the former Olympic champion played include narrating for the TV show, How it’s made, and CBS Sports swimming analyst. His primary concern has always been sexual discrimination in the sports sector.


Mark Tewksbury has done a lot for his country, Canada as seen through his net worth. Mark is also an advocate for gay rights movements while firmly supported by his partner, Rob Mabee. Let us wait and see if Mark and Rob Mabee will utilize the passing of the gay marriage law and become husband and husband.

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