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Mark Salling Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth 2022

Mark Salling Wife

Mark Wayne Salling was an American actor and a musician. Born 17th August 1982 in Dallas, Texas, he was known for his appearance in the television series including Glee as Noah Puckerman. The Glee star also appeared in several movies including Children of the Corn, in 1996 and the Graveyard in 2006. The actor died on 30th January 2018 in what the authorities have termed as suicide by hanging. His body was found dangling on the roof of his house. It is not clear as to what led the young actor to commit suicide. Let’s find out more about Mark Salling Wife and girlfriend. Also, check his net worth.

Was Mark Salling married to a wife? Or dating a girlfriend?

At the time of his death, Mark Salling was dating no one. He has never been married to any wife. However, he has been dating many girlfriends before. The latest lady that was linked to Mark Salling was the actress Denyse Tontz who is mainly known for her appearance in The Fosters. She has also appeared in television series Incorporated. The two dated briefly back in 2014 and before Denyse could turn from girlfriend to Mark Salling’s wife they broke up.

Mark had also dated actress Naya Rivera back in 2009. The relationship lasted for three years and eventually they separated in 2012. They met while working on the television series of Glee and they fell in love. According to Naya, Salling was a very secretive man while dating in she knew nothing much of him.

Mark had been associated with many women while he was alive. Roxanne Gorzela, a certain woman who filed a lawsuit against Mark for sexual battery, has acknowledged that she was dating the television star in 2011.

Mark had been rumored to be in a relationship with reality television star Audrina Patridge and model who is also an actress Solenn Heussaff.  So far, none of his former girlfriends have commented about his death.

Net Worth

Mark Salling had achieved tremendous success in his careers as an actor, television personality and also a singer. Mark who has had a very complicated lifestyle had previously been charged with possessing child pornography materials and sexual assault. Mark was due to be sentenced on 7th March 2018 for child pornography for a period of between four to seven years. Well, his decision to halt his life might have been influenced by this incident.

The net worth of the actor has been a center of concern to many people. Some sites had approximated his net worth to be about $250 million. This large sum of money has often been debated as false, and many sites have put Mark Salling net worth to be way more than $500,000.

His main source of income had been through his acting and his numerous appearances on the television show, and he appeared in 96 episodes of Glee television series.  Mark also used to make some money from his music, and he had released two albums.

At the time of death Mark Salling wasn’t married to any wife neither was he dating any girlfriend.

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