How old is Marie Osmond? Her Net Worth, Children, Measurements, Dead, Plastic Surgery, Husband.

Marie Osmond age Net Worth, Husband, children body measurements.

The world of entertainment especially music is evolving with each era. New genres, styles of music like Trap and new artists keep emerging each day. Gone are the days when the youth listened to the oldies, and if there are any, the numbers are reducing. If you are a fan of the Classics and used to visit the Opera once in a while, then you are in for a treat. We focus on Marie Osmond and reveal interesting details like Marie Osmond net worth, Husband, children, age and more.

Who is Marie Osmond?

A mother, sister, daughter, and wife are some of the words that can describe her. However, to dive in, Marie Osmond is an American singer, author, actress and doll designer. Singing goes hand in hand with performing, and she sometimes likes to put on a show.

She gained fame during the 70’s and 80’s for singing and performing country music. One of the famous songs that gave her a breakthrough in the music industry was the cover of the country pop ballad Paper Roses.

Marie Osmond career profession

Caption:- Marie Osmond is mutilated she is Singer, author, actress, and scriptwriter.

She has released over ten studio albums that have topped the Billboard charts. She also hosted a show on ABC with her brother named Donny & Marie that ran for several years. Other shows include co-hosting Ripleys Believe it or Not and much more. Broadway musicals were also her thing back in the 90’s has had a successful career.

How old is Marie Osmond in 2018? Her birthday, birthdate, signs, etc.

Marie was born on October 13th, 1959. This would make her currently 58 years of age with her star sign as that of Libra. She is of the Mormon religion and is sometimes Carefree, whimsical and much more in her music.

Marie Osmond age date of birth

Caption:- Marie Osmond is currently 58 years old.

Besides country music, she also sings pop Rock, Soft Rock, and AM pop. Her active years in the industry date as far back as 1973.

Her Husband and married life. Details about kids.

Osmond found love three times and even remarried the same guy! But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. Let dive right in one by one.

Marie Osmond was engaged to Jeff Clayton in 1979.

Her first sort-of-serious lover and an acting student at the time. The lovers got engaged back in 1979 but later called off the engagement in July in the same year for lack of full commitment. Their soon-to-be wedding was premature as both parties felt that marriage was too big of a commitment to get tied to. The American Actress/singer was in the prime of her career and marriage would probably rob her of that as balancing both could prove a problem. At least that’s what she said.

Marie Osmond was married to first husband, Stephen Lyle Craig. (1982-1985), (2011-Present).

Her second and true love. Even though she didn’t know it at the time, the singer would soon come to find out. The duo got married on June 26th, 1982 and had their first son Stephen James Craig. The couple later divorced in 1985 due to unknown reasons.

Stephen was a Brigham Young University Basketball player at the time. He later grew up professionally to become a motivational speaker.

In 2011, Marie Osmond decided to revisit and remarried him after a failed marriage to the next man we’ll highlight. In fact, she even wore the same wedding dress she wore in the 80’s. The wedding took place on May 4th, 2011 at a small Mormon temple in Las Vegas. They are still currently together.

She Married Brian Blosil as her second husband. ( 1986-2007)

Singer, Actress and TV star Marie Osmond’s second marriage was on October 28th, 1986 to Brian Blosil at the Jordan River Temple in Utah. They had two kids together, Rachel Lauren and Matthew Richard born in 1989 and 1998 respectively.

Marie Osmond and second husband Brian Blosil also went on to adopt five other kids namely Jessica, Michael, Brandon, Brianna, and Abigail. Marriage to the record producer had its share of drama. They even got separated for a few months in 1999 but later reconciled. Sadly, they got divorced after 2 decades together on March 30th, 2007 through agreement. Reasons for their divorce has been hushed up.

Marie Osmond Net Worth, salary.

The singer Marie Osmond net worth is estimated to be of over $20 million. Her fortune has been generated mostly through her musical career. Her net worth has been amassed through her album sales through her loyal fans. Other sources include her acting career and endorsements she gets from different brands.

Marie Osmond Net worth 2018 source of income

Caption:- Marie Osmond’s Net worth is around $20 Million.

Details on the property she owns her cars and house are still unknown. However, she uploads pictures on social media standing next to a Chrysler.

Wiki, Bio, Height, Weight and other body measurements.

Name Olive Marie Osmond
Age 58
Profession Singer, author, actress, scriptwriter
Weight 120lbs (54 Kgs)
Kids 8
Measurements: Waist


                               Shoe size




Birthdate October 13th, 1959
Net worth $20 million
Height 5’5’’(165 cm)

Olive Marie was born on October 13th, 1959 as the only daughter of her parents George and Olive Osmond. She grew up in Ogden, Utah with her eight brothers Virl, Tom, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny and Jimmy. The singer was raised religiously as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She comes from a family of talented artist and entertainers. From her family’s singing group to her brothers’ performances on national television, Marie grew up around the limelight. However, her fame is of her own making through her breakout country music singing.

Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery.

We have reason to believe that Singer/Actress Marie Osmond underwent plastic surgery. It’s either that or the cosmetics she uses have a secret ingredient she’s yet to share with the world. Here’s why.

When comparing old photos and the recent ones, it’s as clear as day that you will notice some visible changes. From her ecstatic smile and laughter, one thing was certain. Her upper gums were quite visible but now don’t show at all.

Moreover, her adoring fans seemed to have speculated a breast enlargement supposedly as a result of possible breast implants. Other minor changes include her nose appearance. From her revamped nasal tip, bridge and overall nasal shape one can deduce she went for a facelift.

Speculations aside, the singer has confirmed that she has undergone surgery to change her looks. However, it is quite the opposite of most people’s opinions. According to E-News, Marie Osmond revealed that she went for a breast reduction surgery rather than breast augmentation.

Quite an unbelievable right? The singer complained of back problems as a result of her E cup size breasts at the time.

It is unclear whether she underwent for a facelift since she has yet to comment on the matter. But to the ladies out there, the 58-year-old did give out a beauty tip as to what works for her. Lots of sunscreens and a type of HydraFacial laser-based procedure to tighten the skin could work wonders.

So yes, Marie Osmond has undergone plastic surgery.

Did Marie Osmond Die? How? Her Death Rumors. Her Adopted Son Michael Blosil Committed Suicide.

The internet can be fast at relaying information. It can, however, relay distorted information sometimes. There have been rumors about Marie Osmond’s Death. The singer is very much alive. The only death that shook the roots of their existence was that of their adopted son, Michael Blosil.

It is sad to have to lay to rest a child of your own. Most people prefer it the other way around. However, all death weighs heavily on the heart. Especially if its suicidal. Michael died as a result of jumping from the 8th floor of his apartment in Los Angeles. The boy, 18 years at the time of death sighted depression before plummeting to his death on concrete.

He left a note to one of his closest friends explaining why he did it. Many thought he might have been under drugs since he had been rehabilitated at age 12. To confirm all this, the autopsy report revealed that his system was clean and devoid of any drug use. Some rumors speculate that he only did it because he was gay and scared of coming out.

Marie Osmond Weight Loss

For a woman in her late 50’s, the singer is still rocking it with her body and looks. In fact, “The Paper Roses” singer looks just as good as she used to in her youth which is usually a different case for people when they grow older. So what exactly could she have done to maintain her physique? Perhaps a new gym workout regimen? Or a strict dietary plan?

An educated guess would be a strict diet as the reason for Marie Osmond’s weight loss. The Dancing with Stars contestant had always had an issue with her weight. Ever since Marie Osmond was a kid, she had to watch her calorie intake to escape fat shaming especially since she was under the spotlight most of the time.

In her family, food was the enemy. Olive Osmond, her mother, was grieved about the issue and didn’t want to see her daughter down the same obese problem she had. As a result, she advised her accordingly.

It seems her words stuck to the singer who immediately embarked on a journey to better herself. However difficult it was, she managed to achieve a milestone by losing 50 lbs.

This came after partnering up with her private dietary plan called Nutrisystem. It worked for her quite efficiently as she lost around 45lbs after four months of strictly adhering to the plan.

So for those fans of Marie Osmond trying to figure out if she had weight loss, you know the answer.


Even in her late 50’s, Marie Osmond still puts in the work to release more tracks. In fact, her last album broke sales when it was released back in 2016. This American singer is currently working on her new album set to elevate her net worth even further.

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