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Maria Bartiromo Net Worth, Salary, Age, Husband, Measurements

Image of Maria Bartiromo Net Worth, Salary, Age, Husband, Measurements

One Fox Business News journalist, Maria Bartiromo, recently came under fire after her interview with the current POTUS. Many threw shade at her via the internet without a bit of inclination of what she has accomplished so far, and that’s what we are here for.

Tell you more about her, the stint interview, her career in journalism, age, bio, husband, and how much she earns regarding salary and net worth.

Maria Bartiromo Net worth & salary.

Any career can be deemed lucrative with the right amount of determination, and Maria delivers just that. She has been active since 1988, with one of her first paycheques coming from CNN for her work as an editor. Currently, she generates a seven-figure salary of $10 million as tallied at the end of each year.

Maria Bartiromo’s net worth as of 2022 is approximately $50 million. Maria makes most of her fortune through her News segments, including Mornings with Maria, Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street, and many more. The journalist got nicknamed ‘Money Honey’ for her reporting prowess at the New York Stock Exchange as the first woman to do so.

Other sources include films and documentaries such as Risk/Reward, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, and many more. Furthermore, she also draws a considerable amount of money from her career as an author with three books in her name.

Maria Bartiromo Is Married To Husband Jonathan Steinberg?

Just like her career, Maria’s love life is just as successful. She found her soulmate, Jonathan Steinberg, and captured him before any other woman could in a private wedding ceremony held in 1999. If the name Steinberg sounds familiar, it’s because you probably heard it from WisdomTree Investments with Saul Steinberg as its chief executive. Jonathan is his father.

Image of Maria Bartiromo with her husband Jonathan Steinberg

Maria Bartiromo with her husband, Jonathan Steinberg

While the couple has been together now and happily married for almost two decades, there were a few red flags that posed a threat. In 2013, the Fox anchor got enmeshed inside a nasty testimony in front of a judge for the divorce of Todd Thompson, the Citigroup executive.

As anticipated, cheating rumors about the two weren’t too far behind.

On the other hand, she had announced in an interview that she didn’t want to have kids with her husband, Jonathan Steinberg. That would be a deal-breaker to some guys but not for her husband, Jonathan. He still cherishes and loves her unconditionally. Not that she has a thing against them, but her career came first.

Age: how old is Maria Bartiromo.

With the current mortality rate, Bartiromo recently accomplished another milestone in her life – getting to age 54. She celebrated her 50th birthday on Tuesday, September 11th, after being born in the year 1967. With that, her Zodiac sign should be Virgo.

Maria Bartiromo Measurements, height, weight

She may be 54 years of age now, but she still looks as vibrant as ever. Even when she was already married, Joey Ramone of The Ramones band wrote a song about his infatuation with her. Who can blame him?

Image of Journalist Maria Bartiromo height is 5 feet 5 inches

Journalist Maria Bartiromo’s height is 5 feet 5 inches

She wears a size ten dress fitting in her body measurements of 38-28-38 inches for her breast, waist, and hips. Maria Bartiromo is of average height at 5 feet 5 inches, weighing 140 lbs. She puts on braziers of size 34C, giving her an hourglass shape attractive to many.

Wiki-bio, family, career info.

Full Name Maria Sara Bartiromo
Age 54
Date of Birth September 11th, 1967
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York City
Profession Anchor, columnist
Net worth $50 million
Salary $10 million p.a.
Husband Jonathan Steinberg
Kids None
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Body Measurements 38-28-38
Weight 140 pounds

 As already mentioned, Maria was born on September 11th, 1967, in Brooklyn. She grew up alongside her sister, Theresa Santoro, and attended the Fontbonne Hall Academy before summarizing her education at NYU. While her Nationality is American, her ethnicity is Italian, and that is because her parents, Vincent and Josephine Bartiromo, are Italian-American.

It’s no secret that she majored in Journalism and economics, which would explain her career in Business News. She first joined the CNBC fraternity as their editor and first woman reporter at the New York Stock Exchange. Some of the shows she covered include The Caroline Rhea Show, McEnroe, The Colbert Report, and many more.

Maria Bartiromo’s competency attracted Fox News network, who offered her a job as an anchor and an editor at Fox Business Network. In late 2013. Part of her career also includes authoring books: The 10 Laws of Enduring Success and The Weekend That Changed Wall Street. Part of her show received criticism when fans called her out for her ‘scripted’ interview with the president.

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