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Marci Ien Net Worth, Salary, Husband, Age, Wiki-Bio 2022

Image of Marci Len Net Worth, Salary, Husband, Age, Wiki-Bio

For the longest time, Canadian Journalist Marci Ien had been on the airwaves on CTV delivering news targeting contemporary social injustices and fashion. Her timing was perfect considering she was the replacement to Seamus O’Regan on Canada AM while she was pregnant with baby number two.

Landing that dream job while expecting could probably be considered at miraculous. However, we don’t deal with beliefs but cold hard facts. That said, here is everything you need to know about the journalist Marci Ien’s net worth, salary, age, husband and Wiki-bio.

Marci Ien Net worth, Salary.

While other people face gambling addiction as their financial kryptonite, the TV reporter laughs about shoe shopping being hers. Her net worth is estimated at $5 million.

Image of Journalist, Marci Len net worth is not available

Journalist, Marci Ien net worth is estimated at $5 million

Her employers pay Marci Ien a hefty salary which sources say ranges between C$43K to C$98K each year. By now you probably have an inclination as to where most of her money comes from.

However, her journalism career isn’t the only source of her status. Some of it comes from movies.

The TV reporter has appeared in movies like The Great Canadian Screen Test, and a documentary called The Bailey Experience. Furthermore, she also summons her net worth from the character she played in a movie called The Social: Year in Gossip 2018.

Marci Ien’s Career info.

Marci’s first job was that of a writer and reporter at CHCH-TV in Hamilton, Ontario in the year 1991. However, that wasn’t her first experience being on television. S

he has been part of a Canadian Children’s television series called Circle Square when she was younger.

Image of Newsreader, Marci Len

Newsreader, Marci Ien

The actress broke out on a news segment on WIC’s Canada Tonight which later paved the way for a job at CTV in 1997. She was part of the team at CTV’s National News and rose in ranks to anchor some National events like the Swissair Flight 111.

The same network let her co-host one of their news shows called Canada A.M. in 2011 until she left to focus on other areas in 2014.

Ien took on the responsibilities of co-hosting a daytime panel talk show called The Social in 2016 up to 2020. Throughout her tenure at CTV, the journalist won Canadian Screen nominations, African Canadian Achievement Award, Planet Africa and Black Business and the Professional Association Harry Jerome Award.

Marci Ien Married to a Husband Lloyd Exeter.

Aside from her career, Marci also found success in her marriage to her husband, Lloyd Exeter.

Image of Marci Len with her husband Lloyd Exeter.

Marci Ien with her husband Lloyd Exeter.

Together Marci Ien and husband Lloyd Exeter have two kids called Blaize and Dash whom she named after he pops, Joel Ien. Blaize is set to turn nineteen this year while Dash will be twelve years come October.

Image of Marci Len with her daughter Blaize

Marci Ien with her daughter Blaize

The journalist may be extremely happy now with her family but did you know that she was betrothed to another? That’s right.

The mother of two was once the girlfriend and fiancé to Canadian rapper and actor, Maestro Fresh-Wes.

However, that ship sailed a long time ago and had been completely forgotten. She rarely talks about her previous relationship nor why it ended.

The same goes for her current one too. So far so good with no marriage-ending rumors that have surfaced to jeopardize their relationship.

Marci Ien Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, Wiki-bio, Facts.

Full name Marci Ien
Age 52
Date of Birth July 29th, 1969
Place of Birth Toronto Ontario
Profession Journalist and TV personality
Net worth Under review
Husband Lloyd Exeter
Kids 2
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Leo

Marci was born on July 29th, 1969 in Toronto, Ontario and is of the black ethnicity. However, that’s not all there is to her.

She’s also got Trinidadian blood flowing through her veins from her father, Joel who was an immigrant to Canada. She shares the blood through her sister named Lorraine who is also a mom currently.

Ien may be 52 years of age but grew up just like the rest of us – normal. She later attended Ryerson University to get her bachelor’s in journalism; a decision that came to shape up her career.

Nevertheless, the broadcast journalist is also an avid sports fan and more than often supports the Toronto Raptors.


As panelist, journalist, and wife Marci Ien has outdone herself. Her net worth may be under review, but it should be high up considering her age and her resume.

If anything pops up, you know where to look.

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