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Football runs through his veins. You now understand why after retiring from being a professional soccer player, Marcellus Wiley became and sports commentator for various programs including but not limited to SportsNation and Mike and Mike in the Morning. But does his life only revolve around football? Definitely no! The gentleman has a married life, and you must now be interested to know Marcellus Wiley wife. Before looking into Marcellus Wiley wife Annemarie Wiley and his married life, let’s first get to know the star better by exploring his career, net worth, and salary and other wiki-facts.

Marcellus Wiley’s net worth, salary

While he was still working at National Football League (NFL) he earned quite a dime. In 2001 when working for Chargers, for instance, sources indicated that his earnings per ESPN for years was $40 million. When at Dallas Cowboy (his father’s team) the footballer’s contract which lasted for four years was $16 million inclusive of a $4 million signing bonus.

Here, his salary which could rise to 2 million after a year was $660,000. Marcellus Miley net worth and salary as a sports commentator remains hidden. There is limited information about his net worth and salary presently. However reputable sources estimate Marcellus Miley net worth and salary is estimated to being around $5 million.

Image of Marcellus Wiley net worth is $5 million

Marcellus Wiley net worth is $5 million

Career details

You know for a fact that Marcellus Wiley career is all about soccer. Well, here is the bit of the man’s career that you did not know. His passion for football began while he was still very young. This is why when in high school, the star played for his school soccer team whose name is not revealed. In University, at the Columbia University to be precise, Lions was happy to have him as part of their team. While at Lions, he played as a kick returner, tail backer and a defensive end.

Not long before his graduation in 1997, the player was fortunate to be selected by Buffalo Bills to be their own. After working with Buffalo Bills for four years, he joined San Diego Chargers in 2001 and was lucky to be voted among the AFC Pro Bowl Team. It was after leaving Chargers in 2004 that he became part of his father’s Dallas Cowboy team in 2004. The last team Marcellus Wiley played for was Jacksonville Jaguars before he quit his field career for sports analysis in 2006.

Marcellus is married to wife Annemarie Wiley. Their married life details and kids: Daughter Morocca Alise Wiley.

In case you were hoping that he is not taken, sorry because the gentleman is not only taken but married. Marcellus Wiley wife who is incredibly gorgeous is Annemarie Wiley. The star and his wife got engaged in September 2012, and later in June 2014, the duo decide to get married.

Image of Marcellus Wiley with his wife Annemarie Wiley

Marcellus Wiley with his wife Annemarie Wiley

The information about how Marcellus Wiley and wife Annemarie Wiley met and their dating period remain unveiled. Marcellus Wiley’s wife is not a celebrity but based on her Facebook page, Marcellus Wiley wife is from Abbotsford area of British Columbia. She is also a Nurse Anesthetist who in 2013, started working at Keck Medicine of USC earthed in San Pablo Los Angeles.

Together, they are blessed with one child Marcellus Wiley Junior who came into existence in 2015 hence very young to know more about his life. In addition to their only son, the celebrity has a daughter called Morocca Alise Wiley born in 1999 thus 19 years presently.

His Daughter Morocca Alise Wiley, takes after her dad based on the photo the star uploaded some time back indicating her daughter’s athletic genes. Concerning their marriage life, we believed the two are happily married. Influencing this are the zero relationship dramas and the numerous happy couple posts of Marcellus Wiley and his wife  Annemarie Wiley on Marcellus Wiley social media pages.


The great footballer was born on 30th November 1974 in Compton, California. It is, therefore, safe to place Marcellus Wiley age at 47 in 2018. He bears the American nationality, but ethnically, he is black. The man is the proud son of Valarie Howard and Charles Wiley. Concerning his education, the player attended his high school at Saint Monica Catholic High school located in Santa Monica in California.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Columbia University. Before meeting his wife Annemarie Wiley, he dated various ladies including Sasha Dindayal and Miss Evelyn. He has an incredible height of 6 feet and 4 inches.

Image of Marcellus Wiley height

Quick Facts about Marcellus Wiley

Name Marcellus Willey
Age 47
Birthdate 30.11.1974
Birthplace Compton, California
Parents Valarie Howard & Charles Wiley
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Career Soccer
Net worth as of 2018 $5 million
Wife Annemarie Wiley (married in 2014)
Children 2
Weight Not known
Height 6 feet 4 inches

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