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London King Actress: wiki-bio of Rob Schneider’s ex-Wife. 2022

London King ex-wife of Rob Schneider(Left)

When you think on the keywords “London King Actress” you expect to search for an actress from a movie or a television series named London King. But it’s a little bit different than this. London King is a former model who has acted in various movies. She is the ex-wife of Rob Schneider. Let’s find more about her in wiki type biography including age, net worth.

London King Actress’s Married life and divorce with Rob Schneider

On 25th of September 1988, London King married Rob Schneider, after only three days of meeting each other. The love between them was truly like a flame, but like any other explosive and too passionate relationships, the marriage between the two ended up a bit early. Even if after one year of marriage, in 1989, they had a daughter, Tanner Elle Schneider, after only 2 years of marriage they got divorced.

Rob Schneider married  PatriciaAzarcoya in 2011.

Her second marriage with Justin Tesa

After the divorce with Rob Schneider, Rob Schneider’s ex-wife London King focused only on her children and career and didn’t have any important relationships for 10 years. But in the year 2000, the perfect partner seemed to appear in London’s life, the musician Justin Tesa.

They got married on 21stof January 2000. Since then they’ve been together, have a beautiful relationship and aren’t afraid to show it, posting pretty often on Social Media as a perfect couple.

London King’s daughters

Justin turned out to be a great and loving father, and helped Elle, London’s daughter from her previous marriage with Rob Schneider, to pursue a career in music and singing. Elle King is now a popular singer, songwriter, and actress in America and she said that Justin was a great influence in her musical journey.

Daughter of London King in black outfit
London King’s daughter Elle King

Source: Pinterest

Elle King is London’s first daughter who was born from her first marriage with Rob Schneider. She grew up with her mother and she only visited her father from time to time. She was born as Tanner Elle Schneider, but when she turned on 18, decided to drop her father’s name because she wanted to make a name of her own and not to be known only as “Robert Schneider’s daughter”.She said that her mother’s name helped her to “be herself” because she didn’t want to be a famous person but a performer.

Father and Daughter: Elle King and Rob Schneider
London King’s daughter Elle King and first husband Rob Schneider

Source: ABC News

Besides Elle, London has a second daughter, Noah King, born on the 26th of June 2001 from her marriage with Justin.

London King was born to David King and Paula King in the United States of America and grew up with her brother, William Scott King.

London King Actress’ career and profession

After her graduation, London began her career in the modeling field. During that time, she appeared in several TV commercial ads, and she felt that it was time to move forward on the big screen; this is how her actress career began, and she now is widely recognized for portraying the role of Cheryl in the movie “A Better Way to Die.” Later starred in some other films like “The Calling,” where she appeared as Ruby Jenkins, and “Raw Fish,” a comedy movie where London King has emerged as Jade.

She has not appeared in famous movies and supporting roles, but being a favorite model back in her time helped her get some roles in films and add those to her portfolio. She is currently a Doula and Childbirth Educator.

London King Actress Wiki-Bio

Name: London King

Age: Above 47

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Parents: David King & Paula King

Children: Noah King and Elle King

Birth Place: Ohio

Raised and Grown Up: Wellstone, Ohio

Residence: Brooklyn, New York

Profession: Former actress and model; currently a Doula and Childbirth Educator

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