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Lisa Lampanelli: Net worth & salary. Her Birthday, Height, Weight. 2022

Lisa Lampanelli, whom her die-hard fans call “Comedy’s Lovable Queen of Mean”, is an American stand-up comedian, actress, and insult comic. She is known for her humor that involves racial, ethnic, and cultural jokes mostly focused on racial minorities and homosexuals. It has been a matter of discussion about how she gets away with it, and her audience applauds for her outrageously blatant takes on mostly black people and other celebrities. After having worked as a journalist for a short while, she stepped into the comic world at age 30 and raised her salary and net worth from the career.

Here, you are in the right place to know everything about Lisa Lampanelli that might raise your curiosity, like Lisa Lampanelli’s net worth, salary, age, boyfriend, and the like.

Lisa Lampanelli Net worth, salary.

Starting her career as a journalist, Lisa Lampanelli switched over to stand-up comedy and gave the reason for it that she gets to say the “n-word” on stage and gets paid for it. The statement is very true, for she earns her salary from appearing in various stand-up comedy show roasts and the source of her net worth is the comic career which has its grounds in her jokes mostly based on black people.

She has been a copy editor at “Popular Mechanics” and an assistant at “Rolling Stone”. Lisa has also worked as a journalist for Spy magazine and Hit Parader and earned an ample salary from each.

Lisa Lampanelli - Wikipedia

At age 30, she made her comedy break at the roast of actor Chevy Chase, at the New York Friars’ Club. As she proved herself good and hilarious at making celebrities burn inside, through whatever may be the appearance, she landed on many other roast shows earning her lucrative salaries. Among the celebrities, she took digs on are, Denis Leary, Pamela Anderson, Jeff Foxworthy, Flavor Flav, William Shatner, David Hasselhoff, and Donald Trump. Following her success in roasts, she went on to serve as the Roastmaster for Larry the Cable Guy.

Her net worth rose high when her stand-up special, Dirty Girl aired on Comedy Central. As popular as she was becoming, her slurs and insults toward racial minorities were becoming her comedy routine. Her popular statements include,

“How many ‘Hispanics’ does it take to clean a bathroom? None! That’s a nigger’s job!”; “What do you call a black woman who’s had seven abortions? A crime fighter!”

Whenever being questioned, she has stated that she has good intentions behind.

Lisa Lampanelli’s net worth has risen to more than $4.5 million. Her annual salary is about $350,000.


Lisa Lampanelli is one of the people who live their life the way they want. In her stand-ups, she often jerks on her physical appearance and has been recently involved in losing a huge amount of weight.

About two years ago she made to the news when it was revealed that she lost about 107 pounds of weight. About her eating habits and lifestyle, she says,

“It’s always been my passion, my unfortunate “drug.” I spent 32 years of 60 struggling with this whole issue. When I was younger, I had a great time in high school, my home life was good, but I used food for comfort and for emotional reasons later when I was lonely or missed home. It was a substitute for me—oh, and I never liked drinking.”

In an interview about her show “Stuffed”, she talked about her lifestyle saying,

“At first, I was low on energy, so I saw a functional medicine doctor—body, mind, and spirit—and she helped me determine nutrients I needed and was lacking. Now I eat greens in green juice and smoothies, and I used to make fun of natural and organic foods! I do follow that 80/20 rule so 20 percent of what I eat is to treat myself. I can’t eat whole vegetables because of my small stomach, but I love bowls with quinoa and shrimp”

Boyfriend, Children

Having been there in on and off dating relationships and two failed marriages, Lisa Lampanelli is a person who appears cheerful enough with life who could go for a boyfriend at age 60.

Her previous husband was Jimmy Cannizzaro whom she divorced after being married for about four years. Lisa and the bar owner met in 2006. Though Lisa Lampanelli is known for her crude and often offensive humor,  her hex husband Jimmy Cannizzaro told the New York Times  magazine at the time of their wedding, “She had the kindest eyes.” Must be love, right? We believe he would have been a good boyfriend, but that might not have been enough for their marriage.

Lisa Lampanelli with her ex husband James Stock

Before Cannizzaro, Lisa had married her boyfriend, James Stock at the age of 28. Her marriage to former her husband James lasted for about a year only.

Lisa Lampanelli has no children.

How old is Lisa Lampanelli? Her Age, Birthday, Birthplace.

Lisa Lampanelli has her birthday on July 19, 1961, in Trumbull, Connecticut, the U.S. Her birth name was Lisa Marie Lampugnale. Her present age is 60 and her zodiac sign is Cancer.


Name Lisa Lampanelli
Age 60
Birthday July 19, 1961
Birthplace Trumbull, Connecticut, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 1.75 m
Weight 141.7 pounds
Spouse Divorced
Parents Leonard and Gloria Lampugnale
Children None

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