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Lisa Joyner Net Worth, Ethnicity, Nationality Wiki-Biography of Jon Cryer wife 2022

She is a long-time reporter who is mainly based in Los Angeles. Lisa hit the media industry with her charm, making her a favorite of many. She hosted some of the hot shows on influential channels. This gave her speedy international recognition. This article is about her; how about you make yourself comfortable as you read on to know more about this sexy beauty. Read through to the end to know who she married, do they have any kids yet, and many other exciting details. Let’s find out more about Jon Cryer’s wife Lisa Joyner’s Net worth, Age and Ethnicity.

Lisa Joyner Is Married To Jon Cryer

Lisa Joyner is the wife of Jon Cryer. The couple tied the knot on 16th June 2007, and they are a happy couple with one child.

Their daughter, Daisy, was born on 11th August, 2009. Lisa and Jon adopted this girl shortly after her birth.

Lisa is the daughter-in-law of David Cryer and Gretchen Cryer. The engagement of Jon Cryer and Lisa was first revealed on ‘the tonight show with Jay and Leno’ by Cryer.

She Is Not the First Wife of Jon


If you have not heard it before, Lisa Joyner is not the first wife of Jon Cryer.

Initially, Jon was married to Sarah Trigger. Jon and Sarah were married in 1999, and their marriage ended in 2004 when they got divorced.

Jon married Lisa 3 years after he got separated from Sarah Trigger. At the time of their divorce, Jon and Sarah had one child.

Her career

Lisa is an internationally recognized media personality. She has been a reporter for KTTV on celebrity news in Los Angeles.

Her path to fame began when she presented the ‘infanity’ sections on the TV Guide network.

The media industry fell in love with this lady, and her rise to fame became unstoppable. She later married Jon Cryer.

Two years into their marriage, the couple adopted a daughter and named her Daisy.

Her Family

Joyner is an adopted child, which is probably one of the reasons she chose to bring up an adopted daughter. At the age of 30, she began searching for her birth family, which ended up successfully.

Joyner has done two family-finding-related shows on different channels.

First, she did ‘Find My Family’ that aired on the ABC channel. It is a US version reality-based show that seeks to help adoptees reunite with their biological families.

She later co-hosted Long Lost Family on TLC. Chris Jacobs was her co-host on this show.


Her Nationality, Ethnicity, Age, Date of Birth

Lisa Joyner was born on the last day of 1966, which is on the 31st of December.

She was born in San Diego, California. Lisa is 55 years old as of the time of writing this article.

She is a popular TV personality whose current residence is in Los Angeles, California, USA. She lives together with her husband and their adopted child, Daisy.

Lisa Joyner’s Ethnicity is white.

Short Bio, Net Worth.

Lisa was born in 1966 and she is 55 years old as of writing this article and will clock 53 on 31st December this year.

She was raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She was named Lisa Marie Joyner.

Lisa is the wife of Jon Cryer.

Lisa Joyner

Her Net Worth is estimated to be $14 million.

In Summary

Name: Lisa Joyner
Date of birth: 31st December 1966
Profession: TV personality
Place of birth: San Diego California
Age: 55 years
Net Worth $14 Million.
Children: Daisy

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