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Lindsay Czarniak Husband Craig Melvin Net Worth, Salary, Height, Family. 2022

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Image of Lindsay Czarniak Husband Craig Melvin. His Net Worth, Salary

When it comes to couple celebrities in America, the stars Craig Melvin and Lindsay Czarniak will pop out.

This is why today we bring you crucial details about their married life, from how they met to where they are at present—influenced by the fact that limited information about Lindsay Czarniak’s husband, we also took it upon ourselves to shed more light on his career including his net worth and salary.

Also, be prepared to explore more of Craig Melvin’s details in the engaging piece that follows so that you are not left out.

Lindsay Czarniak’s husband, Craig Melvin Net Worth.

It is impossible to purchase an expensive asset that is not within your salary range. This is why fans cannot wait to hear what Lindsay Czarniak’s husband’s salary is after purchasing a modern-industrial house for his family in 2015.

The house is five bedroomed with a total of seven bedrooms. It is situated in Westport in Connecticut.

It must have cost some colossal amount of money, and although some think that Lindsay could have contributed to paying for the house, Lindsay Czarniak’s husband’s salary proves that he could have bought the house using his cash.

However, his salary could be somewhere between $96,726 to $121,503 and $27,927 to 30,403. This is because Craig Melvin is an NBC’s news correspondent, as well as a reporter, and such are the salary that the posts are paid respectively.

Another financial aspect I bet you are interested in unveiling is Lindsay Czarniak’s husband’s net worth.

Unlike the salary, the news anchor’s net worth details are openly disclosed to the public through credible sources like Celebrity net worth.

As of 2022, Celebrity Net worth quotes Lindsay Czarniak’s husband’s net worth being an estimated $6-9 million.

There are, however, ongoing rumors that Lindsay Czarniak’s husband’s salary may increase in a couple of years.

This is because of his dominance and excellent work in the industry. If this happens, what will transpire is a possible rise in Lindsay Czarniak’s husband’s net worth. 

Image of Journalist, Criag Melvin net worth is $5 million

Journalist Craig Melvin’s net worth is $6-9 million

Perhaps, in the next few years, Lindsay Czarniak’s net worth and salary would have also increased.

Keep it here in case of any changes in Craig Melvin’s net worth and salary, as this page will constantly update this crucial detail of his life.

If you are curious to know where he gets such massive net worth and salary, be informed that the reporter earns his colossal income from news reporting.

Craig Melvin and Lindsay Czarniak’s married life and kids

It is no secret that Lindsay Czarniak’s husband is Craig Melvin, but how did they end up together?

Since both of them are news anchors, you are correct if you thought they met in their line of duty because, yes, they met while working at an NBC affiliate station situated in Washington.

Specifically, Lindsay Czarniak’s husband met the love of his life during the network’s 2008 commercial break.

Their wedding took place in the Church of Holy City on the 16th Street of New York on 15th October 2011. It is believed that Craig Melvin and Lindsay Czarniak for many years before they decided to wed.

Image of Craig Melvin with his wife Lindsay Czarniak's and their kids

Craig Melvin with his wife Lindsay Czarniak’s and their kids

Their wedding was instead a secret one as close friends and family members only attended it. Seven years into their marriage, the celebrity couple has been blessed with two children. The first child born four years ago is identified as Delano Melvin.

They welcomed their baby number two on 6th November 2016, and this time around, it was a bouncing baby girl named Sybil Ann. So far, the family looks complete, but it would not do any harm if the couple decided to add baby numbers three and four.

There are also no signs of the couples divorcing any time soon because there have never been any relationship dramas in their married life.

His career details

Lindsay Czarniak’s husband started his reporting career at WIS News 10 in 2001. He worked for the net worth for ten years before joining WRC-TV as an anchor. Here he only served for three years. From here, Craig Melvin started working as a reporter for NBC news.

He has worked here for ten years now. The star states that reaching where he is today did not come automatically as he had to put in a lot of effort and still puts in a lot of effort to rank highly in his occupation.

Craig Melvin Wiki, Bio

Craig Melvin came into existence on 20th May 1979 in the Columbia region of North Carolina, United States of America. He belongs to the African American ethnicity and holds American nationality. As of 2022, the news anchor is therefore 42 years-old.

Lindsay Czarniak’s husband is the proud son of Betty Melvin and Lawrence Melvin. He was raised alongside his siblings Ryan and Lawrence Meadows.

In 2001, Craig Melvin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Government from Wofford College.  He weighs 84 kgs and stands at the height of 5 feet and 6 inches.

Quick Facts about Lindsay Czarniak’s husband

Name Craig Melvin
Age 42
Birthdate 20.05.1979
Birthplace Columbia, North Carolina, U.S.A
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Parents Betty & Lawrence Melvin
Siblings Ryan & Lawrence Meadow
Career News Anchor
Net worth $6-9 million
Salary $40,000
Wife Lindsay Czarniak
Children 2

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