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Leyla Santiago Wiki-Bio: Age, Husband, Boyfriend, Net Worth. 2022

Leyla Santiago

Leyla Santiago is an American television correspondent. She is a popular name in the world of news and journalism. She is the CNN international correspondent from Mexico, and she is a superb lady with nuptial beauty that is captivating on the screen. During her career, Leyla Santiago has won several awards. See if Leyla Santiago is married or dating a boyfriend. Also, stay tuned for more updates on her like her Net Worth and age.

Is Leyla Santiago married to a husband? Or dating a boyfriend?

Just like any other celebrity, Leyla Santiago keeps her private matters at bay.  She is a very secretive woman and more about her relationship status has been kept a secret. We cannot tell now if she is dating anyone or not. Her relationship status nevertheless remains unknown and out of media scrutiny.

Nevertheless, we have been able to unmask some personal information about Leyla Santiago. Reliable information says that Leyla Santiago was once married! Well, it is said that her marriage never lasted even a year, and the duo divorced.

However, it has not been known whether Leyla had an official, or it was just come we stay kind of relationship.

Leyla Santiago


She began her career in KBAK  located in Bakersfield, California. Here. She worked as a host for the morning show. A show which received a wider market and viewership as her physique and talent was captivating on the screen.

She later worked with KTUU as a reporter and later shifted to the Headquarters at the Alaska branch for quite some time. She also worked for NBC29 in Charlottesville, Virginia where she was a reporter.

After leaving NBC29, Leyla worked with WRAL located in Raleigh, North Carolina where she won the Alfred Dupont Award with her team for the fantastic documentary called The Journey Alone.

She also won the Mark Twain award while at WRAL for her contributions and her unique talent in journalism.

I'm back after a fabulous vacation and, unfortunately, a few days under the weather that followed. Can't believe it's been a month since Bryan and I have anchored a newscast together. Join us.

Posted by Leyla Santiago on Saturday, September 10, 2016

Leyla Santiago joined CNN in 2016. She is an international correspondent with the international station and also works an international correspondent. She reports from Mexico, and it is here that she feels at home as the viewers enjoy her subtle appearance.

Net Worth.

Leyla Santiago is worth some good cash. Her work in various stations before her current debut on CNN has earned her quite a huge amount of money. Generally, her net worth is assumed to be over $ 1 million dollars.

We cannot limit her net worth to $1 million only since she is still fresh in the field and still got a lot to do in her career. So her net worth is likely to grow with time as she is now paid heavily by CNN.

Leyla Santiago's Net Worth is $1 Million

Caption:- Leyla Santiago’s Net Worth is $1 Million


Leyla Santiago’s parents were from Hispania. In fact, her parental origins are Hispanic, and her roots can also be traced to Mexico but brought up in America. Nevertheless, little is known of her family as she has maintained a private and secretive life.

Wiki Bio.

It is not exactly known when Leyla Santiago was born. But rough estimates have put it to be roughly in the1980s. Her family was of Hispanic origin and traced her roots to Mexico. Little is known of her early life, but she was brought up in America.

She graduated in journalism from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree. She has worked in various media stations before joining CNN as an international correspondent where she is making a significant debut. It is not known who is currently dating as she is very secretive.

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