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Killing Fields Leslie Bradford Wiki-bio: Married, Husband, Net Worth

Killing Fields Leslie Bradford Wiki-bio Married, Husband, Net Worth

Leslie Bradford is an American reality television personality. She has appeared in the reality television show Killing Fields which has produced many episodes. Killing Fields is a crime thriller that follows a team of homicide detectives to open an 18-year case that occurred in America’s notorious body dumping ground.

The sequel to the series is located in Louisiana’s swampy areas. In wiki type biography, let’s find out more about detective Leslie Bradford’s married life and husband.

Detective Leslie Bradford Married to a husband? Or dating a boyfriend? Any kids?

This Killing Fields Detective has maintained a very personal lifestyle. The law enforcement officer lives a highly checked life, and little information about whether she is married to a husband or not remains classified.

However, from reliable sources, it appears that Leslie is not married, nor does she have any kids at the moment. It seems the reality television actress is more engrossed in her career.

Killing Fields Leslie Bradford looking beautiful on her uniform
Caption:-  Killing Fields Leslie Bradford’s Married life is Unclassified.

Source:- forensicmag

We have not also been able to establish whether the actress is dating anyone at the moment. Well, her level of secrecy is just outstanding.

She has never appeared anywhere with anybody that we may purport to be his boyfriend. She has never introduced anyone either anywhere as his boyfriend.

So we can conclude that detective Leslie Bradford is currently single without any husband or boyfriend.

Net worth and salary

Leslie is one of the lead cast in the show Killing Fields. The show, which was first debuted in 2016, has done well in the American market and outside the states. Leslie has appeared in seven episodes of the show, and she is due to continue making appearances. The show had a budget estimated to be $3 million.

Therefore, the net worth of Leslie Bradford must be a considerable amount. This is based on the fact that she has appeared n seven episodes of the show and is the lead cast.

Killing Fields Leslie Bradford Net Worth
Caption:- Killing Fields Leslie Bradford Net Worth is $3 Million

Although the exact amount remains unknown, it has been rumored to be approximately $200,000. The net salary per episode also remains unconfirmed. The net worth is subject to increase tremendously, given that the series has just begun.


Leslie Bradford has often stated that she never wanted to be a security officer. However, after college, she worked as a dentist before joining the forces. In the details, St. Angelo approached her for a television show. At first, she was reluctant but later gave in.

Killing Fields Leslie Bradford looking great in Her uniform

Her appearance in the television series Killing Fields was a breakthrough in her career. Leslie has appeared in seven seasons of the Killing Fields, and she will be making more appearances in the coming years.

The crime thriller show has proven that Leslie can work on the screen, an opportunity she has come to like.


Little information is known about childhood of Leslie. Her parents also remain unknown up to now. She has never shared any information about them.

However, in an interview with Daily Voice News, the detective disclosed that her family has been very supportive of her career though she did not divulge any information about them.

This Killing Fields detective majored in biology while on campus. She later worked as a dental assistant with plans to attend a dental school but changed and joined the forces after some time. The year nor date of birth also remains unknown.

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