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Lelah Amore Harris Siblings and 7 Facts about T.I Daughter. 2022

The late Lelah Amore Harris was the child of celebrities Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle and Clifford Joseph Harris, popularly known as T.I. Here is a look at seven facts you never knew about Lelah Amore Harris, including her Siblings.

She Was Born Still

Lelah Amore Harris was stillborn on the 22nd of March 2007. A stillbirth is the delivery of a baby who is already dead at birth.

Her mother is, Tameka Cottle is a celebrated American musician. Her father, T.I am a famous musician and actor.

Lelah Could Have Turned 15 Years This Year

Had she not been delivered without the breath of life, Lelah Amore Harris would be turning 15 years old on the 22nd of March 2022.

Lelah Amore Harris Siblings: She Could Have Been the Second Born Child to Tiny and T.I and Would Have 6 Siblings

Tiny and T.I with their kids

Were it not for the stillbirth, Lelah Amore could have been the second born child to Tiny Cottle and T.I.

As of now, Lelah would be a sister to six other lovely siblings. These siblings are children born out of the relationship of Cottle and T.I, as well as other relationships that they have had with other people.

Lelah’s siblings could be; Messiah Harris, Domani Harris, Joseph Harris, Major Philant Harris, Jailee Pullins, Imani Harris.

Her Mother Received Health Warnings When She Was Pregnant With Her


A few moments after Tiny Cottle had gotten pregnant with the could-have-been second baby, her doctors warned her of the possible complications.

So what was wrong? Doctors informed Lelah’s mother that the baby’s sac that usually holds got torn into two.

Both the doctors and Cottle hoped that the situation would be salvaged, but unfortunately, the tear had not healed even by the time the pregnancy got to sixteen weeks.

The Umbilical Cord May Have Strangled Her

All through the pregnancy and since the doctors had noticed the tear in the baby’s sac, Cottle received intensive care, but the umbilical cord may have strangled the baby.

Though not verified as the leading cause of stillbirth, the baby’s heart was not beating at delivery time.

Her Mother Kept Her in Her Home Even After Being Born Dead

The reality that her daughter had been born lifeless hit Tameka very hard; she sunk into depression.

She resolved to have the body dressed up and wrapped in a blanket and stored in her room. The body laid in a tiny basket crib.

Her Death Strengthened the Union of Clifford and Cottle

After her death, Clifford took care of the burial arrangements, but Cottle always visited the graveyard.

She, however, had to drop this habit with time because she realized that it only served her more sadness and depression.

T.I was to begin serving a jail term the same year they lost their child. However, Cottle promised to stick with him through it all.

They later tied the knot on 31st July 2010, and their union lasted for six years as they got separated in September 2016.

Tiny is the one who filed for a divorce. Fortunately, they are currently working on their marriage.

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