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Lee Asher Wife: Married to Sydney Ferbrache? Gay Rumors

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Image of Lee Asher

Lee Asher became well-known because of his well-liked YouTube channel, “The Asher House.”

He has almost 550k subscribers in his channel which has amassed over 100 million views with just over 400 videos.

A lot of his fans were curious about his married life, but unfortunately, it seem that his personal life info is very murky and full of rumors and speculation.

The rumors range from him being linked to his colleagues to him being gay so find out what is true here.

Lee Asher and Sydney Ferbrache Wedding Rumors

The first rumor links him to one of his colleagues, Sydney Ferbrache with whom he worked on several animal rescues

While the well-known rumor does not mention marriage, it does state that Asher dated Sydney in the latter part of 2016 while they were jointly a part of several animal rescue initiatives.

The rumors further narrate that the two split up in 2018.

However, the relationship between Asher and Febrach is a complete fabrication.

Sydney was actually seeing someone else at the time.

Image of Lee Asher's rumored girlfriend, Sydney Ferbrache

Lee Asher’s rumored girlfriend, Sydney Ferbrache

The name of her particular ex-boyfriend is unknown but he was apparently a chef, whom she met when she used to manage events.

She even had him agree to live out of their refurbished $18,000 Mercedes Benz van for a life on the road including a 2017 road trip inside it after a year of being together.

“That was the beginning of my journey into the van life,” Fervrache said to Insider.

However, her ex was not as comfortable with the outdoor lifestyle as her and called it quits on their relationship shortly after.


Lee is Not Married to Wife as of 2023. Dating anyone?

So, no Lee Asher is not married to Sydney and it may just be a rumor.

There were several other rumors too like him being married to a woman by the name of Diane who also turned out to be just someone he worked with.

However, we found no sources revealing whether he was married or not.

He certainly has also never mentioned having a wife or even a girlfriend in any one of his many videos.

Perhaps he is keeping it hidden from the world.

However, it also is possible that he is just not married.

Since his life is mostly on the road, he will probably have a difficult time finding a woman ready to be his wife and support such a lifestyle.

Is Lee Asher Gay?

The fact that he is unmarried has led to another rumor to spring around.

This rumor speculates whether Lee Asher is gay.

Furthermore, the rumor says he is dating another co-worker, this time a male, Luke Barton.

Luke is a photographer by profession and also a dog lover.

Image of Lee Asher with dogs

Lee Asher surrounded by dogs

He tags along with Lee and films most of his content while also shooting pictures and videos for his own socials.

You may recognize Luke as he joined Lee in their appearance at the Ellen DeGeneres show 4 years ago in 2019.

It was when their philanthropic work with dogs went viral online.

So, they are just friends as far as we know and neither of them seem to be gay to our knowledge.

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