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A look at Lecrae net worth, house, cars ,height and age


Lecrae is it a name that you know of Well, Lecrae is a top charting Christian Rapper.His mother raised him and often moved from place to place. Evidently, Lecrae has a passion for the thug lifestyle. This is the setting that he grew up in, He sings raps music and uses it to express what he wants to say or what he feels. At the age of 19, he converted to a Christianity. You will now know more about his net worth and lifestyle.

Christian Rapper Lecrae Net worth in 2017

Lecrae began his own record company and made his music as a way to serve as an inspiration to the youth.He hiked to great fame, a huge net worth, and this was due to hard work of course.

The rapper invested his income well, and he started many business ventures that benefitted him a significant slice of revenues as time went on. He won the award for being the highest paid singer by People with Money as he made an income  $58,000,000 in 2012 and the year after.

He is said to have a huge net worth of  $185,000,000. This includes his investment in property and his deals with magazines. The rapper also has many restaurants, perfume, and a fashion line.He recently started his line of Vodka.

Lecrae's net worth is $185 Million
Lecrae’s net worth is unbelievable

House and cars

Lecrae has not listed his houses. He, however, boasts with his Bugatti Veyron Supersoft car valued at $90000.

Lecrae's car is unbelievably beautiful
Lecrae’s Veyron Supersoft car

Rich lifestyle

The idea that there is unlimited wealth in hip-hop, is certainly true. Of course, the better way is to do it through religion. Lecrae’s has used his love for Christianity and rap and combined this to aid him in his rich lifestyle.

Lecrae and his friend sharing their impact of life
Lecrae’s life style shared on Facebook


Lecrae has boats and several investments. He lives a highfaluting lifestyle. He seems to be always looking for ways to wisely invest his money. His albums have made him able to go from poor as a kid to a super rich Christian rapper.

Some say because he is a Christian rapper, he should be humble. However, it’s easy to see that rap is the same, no matter which forms.He now lives a lavish lifestyle and continues to improve his quality of living on a yearly basis

Lecrae’s gives his special attention to fashion brands, BAPE, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Giuseppe Zanotti and Nike. As you can see on most of his pictures, he loves tattoos and he loves to show them in photography too.

You will always spot Lecrae’s hanging onto his rosary, his outfits are simple and he loves wearing a cap on his hand usually worn the other way around. Lecrae combines a hip-hop look with his rosary for the Christian theme to be shown.

Lecrae short bio: Wiki!

He was born on October 9, 1979, in Houston, Texas. He is an  American Christian hip hop rapper and artist. The 37-year-old has a height of 183cm and his weight has not been disclosed.

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