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Laura Tingle Net Worth, Salary, Husband, Age, Wiki-Bio.

If you are a fan of the ABC’s 7:30 show, then chances are that Laura Tingle is a name and face you are most likely familiar with. The Australian broadcaster has it all: she is intelligent, outspoken, and multi-talented, with a CV that could put any other to shame. In this article, we will focus on certain aspects of her life. We will determine what her net worth is, and how much she earns in terms of salary. Diving deeper, we will also look at her personal life: how old is she? Is she married? Who is her husband?

Laura Tingle Net worth, Salary.

According to various reports, Laura Tingle’s net worth remains undisclosed and under review. This is because like most of her colleagues in broadcasting, she is reported by the privacy act in Australia. Ergo, she does not have to reveal her salary, earnings and net worth. However, Tingle is a top journalist on her network, so it’s safe to assume that she is in the top ten percent when it comes to earnings.

The broadcaster is also an author, with several published works whose successes have only enhanced her net worth.

Image of Journalist, Laura Tingle net worth is not available

Journalist, Laura Tingle net worth is not available

Laura Tingle Houses, cars

Tingle leads a relatively private life. As a result, there are no credible reports about how many properties she owns or the types of cars she drives. However, it’s safe to say that whatever house Laura, her husband, and their children live in, must be lavish, owing to her star power.

Career info.

The popular broadcaster began her career in 1980, as a correspondent for the Financial Review and Business Review in Australia. Tingle’s big break came when she moved to News Limited, one of the largest media outlets in the country. In 1992, the journalist’s reputation increased ten folds when she was appointed chief political correspondent. This would prove the perfect position for Laura, as the presenter had always displayed a keen interest in politics. Her father was heavily involved in politics, something which rubbed off on Laura.

Being opinionated, and never one to shy away from airing her thoughts, Tingle went on to do great things. Four years on and the broadcaster was on her way back to Fairfax media group to serve as a political correspondent. 2002 marked another return, this time back to The Australian Financial Review. From here on, Laura’s progression was gradual: first as a chief political correspondent before eventually rising to the rank of the political editor by 2008.

Presently, she is employed as the chief political correspondent for ABC network’s 7.30 television show.

Tingle is also a highly successful author. Her first book, chasing the future, was published way back in 1994. Some of her other published works include: In Search of Good Government, The Great Expectation and Follow the Leader.

Laura Tingle Married to Husband Alan Ramsey.

The popular broadcaster is, in fact, a married woman. Her husband’s name is Alan Ramsey.

Image of Laura Tingle husband Alan Ramsey

Laura Tingle husband, Alan Ramsey

Like Laura, her husband Alan is also a journalist. Laura Tingle and husband Alan Ramsey tied the knot back in 1995, and have made married ever since. They have one child together, Tosca Ramsey. In 2018, unsubstantiated reports surfaced that Tingle was involved with actor Sam Neil, casting a dark shadow over her marriage.

Image of Laura Tingle with her partner Sam Neill.

Laura Tingle with her partner Sam Neill.

Laura Tingle Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, wiki-bio, facts.

Full name Laura Margaret Tingle
Age 57 years old
Date of Birth February 14th, 1961
Place of Birth Sydney, Australia
Profession Presenter, Political Analyst
Net worth Undisclosed
Husband Alan Ramsey
Kids 1
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Parents Pamela Chivers and John Tingle

 Laura Tingle was born on the 14th of February, 1961, to parents Pamela and John Tingle in Sydney, Australia. This makes the broadcaster 57 years old at the moment. The broadcaster was the youngest daughter in her family. Her father John was heavily involved in politics and as such, pushed her daughter to pursue the same interests.

Image of Laura Tingle with her father John Tingle

Laura Tingle with her father, John Tingle

As such politics became deeply engraved into Laura’s DNA. She went on to become a great political correspondent, working across various well-established networks.

Laura Tingle has never shied away from controversy. She is an explosive personality, seldom boring, and always entertaining.

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