Kortni Gilson Height, Age, Birthdate, Husband, Net Worth Wiki-Bio.

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Image of Kortni Gilson Height, Age, Birthdate, Husband, Net Worth Wiki-Bio.

The Floribama Shore has a host of compelling characters, but perhaps none more so interesting than Kortni Gilson. The star has everything going for her. She is funny, charming, delightful, open-minded, with a take no prisoners kind of attitude which is always a good recipe for drama. Kortni Gilson is arguably one of the best things about the show, and as such, boasts a large following. In this review, we will examine specific aspects of her life: how tall is she? What is her age? When was she born? Is she married? Learn what Kortni’s net worth is in this review.

Kortni Gilson Net worth ($100 thousand).

She has accumulated her wealth from her time on television. Reality stars are some of the biggest earners on screen, and this celebrity is no different.

There was an unsubstantiated report that Kortni makes around $50K in terms of salary for every season of the show. This is an amount that will only steadily continue to grow as the show gains more popularity.

According to sources, Kortni Gilson has an estimated net worth of $100000.

Image of TV Star, Kortni Gilson net worth is $100,000

TV Star, Kortni Gilson net worth is $100,000

Kortni Gilson is also a social media influencer, with thousands of followers across different platforms. People like her are usually paid to promote products or even specific events.

Kortni Gilson Career info.

Before Kortni Gilson found her way to reality television, the star worked at a Coyote ugly bar as a dancer and bartender. These are the type of bars where the bartenders entertain their clients by dancing up on the tables while serving them drinks.  They are very popular in the USA.

Image of Kortni Gilson from Floribama Shore show

Kortni Gilson from Floribama Shore show

Like the rest of the cast, her big break came with the advent of the hit show, Floribama Shore. It ushered her into stardom. Finally, Kortni Gilson had a platform to be wild, free, and chaotic, and the audience loved her all the more for it.

Kortni Gilson Height, Measurements.

The former bartender is approximately 5 feet 7 inches. Reports suggest that Kortni Gilson weighs around 61 kilos. The star takes fitness very seriously, and her body is a testament to that. The star works out about 3 to 4 days a week.


Kortni Gilson Husband, Partner

The star is not a married woman. Kortni Gilson is also not currently dating anyone and remains single.  For a time, however, the show did suggest that she was dating a man named Logan.

One of the biggest problems she experienced in that relationship was that Logan lied to her about several things. The biggest lie was that he had a job. Kortni Gilson eventually got tired of all the lies.


Quick Facts Age,  Parents, Family, Net worth, Siblings, wiki-bio, facts.

Full name Kortni Gilson
Age 23 years old.
Date of Birth July 20, 1995
Place of Birth Panama City Beach, Florida, U.S.A
Profession Former Bartender, Reality TV star
Net worth $100K
Partner N/A
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Height 5 feet 7

Kortni Gilson was born on the 20th of July, 1995 in Panama City Beach. This makes the reality star 23 years old at the moment. The star is an animal lover, and as such, has a pet parrot which she adores.

She is also a social butterfly, with several close friends whom she regularly hangs out with. In her circle, the former dancer is referred to as ‘Krazy Kortni.’

The show also paints a very irresponsible picture of her personality. Kortni has never moved out of her childhood house. She has also been fired from every job she has ever had, which speaks volumes of her carefree nature.


Kortni Gilson is as exciting as they come. Floribama Shore has given her the platform to be as carefree as she can. Most of the time, she walks a thin line between entertaining and crazy.

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