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Kody Brown Wives, Partners 2022

Image of Kody Brown with his wife Janelle Schriever and with their kids

Remarkably, Kody Brown has four wives, and the number could have gone up to five by the time we finished writing this. His first wife was Meri Barber, and the pair met way back in 1989 after Kody’s sister set them up.

They hit it off almost instantly and were married a year later in an intimate ceremony on April 21, 1990. The pair has one beautiful daughter together, Mariah.

They could not have any more children together after Meri suffered an abortion during her second pregnancy.

Image of Kody Brown with his first wife Meri Barber

Kody Brown with his first wife, Meri Barber

Kody Brown and Janelle Schriever.

The star’s second wife is Janelle Schriever. Surprisingly, Kody’s first wife introduced the two to each other. Not every wife would present their husband to a new woman, so Kody must be very lucky.

Image of Kody Brown with his wife Janelle Schriever

Kody Brown with his wife, Janelle Schriever

He went on to have six children with his second wife: Logan, Hunter, Garrison Madison, Savanah, and Gabriel.

Christine Allred

As was the case with his first wife, his sister introduced the star to wife number three. He met Christine Allred in the early 90s and proposed four years later while on their very first date. The two would have six children: Mykelti, Gwendolyn, Paedon, Aspyn, Ysabel, and Truly.

Image of Kody Brown with his wife Christine Allred and with their kids

Kody Brown with his wife Christine Allred and with their kids

Robyn Sullivan

Robyn met our reality star in 2009 while they were attending church. At the time, she was a divorced mother of three. The pair courted for a few months before getting spiritually married. They would go on to have two children together: Ariella and Solomon.

Image of Kody Brown with his wife Robyn Sullivan

Kody Brown with his wife, Robyn Sullivan

Surprisingly, the star had to divorce his first wife, Meri, to marry Robyn and legally adopt her three other children: Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna.

Kody Brown Wiki Bio.

Full name Kody Wynn Brown.
Age 53 years old.
Date of Birth January 17, 1969
Place of Birth Lovell, Wyoming, USA.
Profession Reality television star.
Net worth $800,000.
Wife Meri Barber, Robyn Sullivan, Janelle Schriever, and Christine Allred
Kids 18
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Parents William Winn and Genielle Brown

 Kody Wynn Brown was born on January 17, 1969, in Lovell, Wyoming, to parents William and Genielle Brown. This makes the reality star 53 years old at the moment.

He grew up in a polygamous household and had nine siblings: Curtis Taylor Brown, Leah Nicole Lundquist, Christine King, Cindy Hansen, William Michael Brown, Scott Allan Brown, Travis Merrill Brown, Tricia Lee Garner, and Lorilyn Beck.

Looking after such a large family has not always been easy for the patriarch. He has filed for bankruptcy three times so far, with so many children; it’s easy to see why. But the Browns continue to do the best they can, taking each day as it comes. Everyone tries to pitch and contribute to making ends meet, striving in harmony.

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