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Know Adam Savage Net Worth. Meet his Wife Julia Savage and kids Riley and Addison Savage. 2022

Image of Know Adam Savage Net Worth. Meet his Wife Julia Savage and kids Riley and Addison Savage.

Meet Adam Whitney Savage, always testing the limits of science on the show MythBusters alongside his trusted buddy and co-host Jamie Hyneman. The show, which airs on the Discovery Channel has had its run for thirteen years with 16 seasons made.

However, this isn’t the only show he has done. For these and more on Adam Savage’s net worth, family, wife, and kids, be sure to stick around.

Adam Savage’s net worth.

According to, Adam Savage boasts a net worth of approximately $8 million. While most of his fortune comes from his paycheque from the Discovery Channel, others come from a long list of jobs he has done throughout his career.

Adam Savage on Great Tools, Great Projects, and Great Lessons (#370) – The  Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

These include working as a graphic designer, carpenter, and projectionist. Moreover, the TV star is also an animator, toy designer as well as a gallery owner. Even his home is full of antiques, props, and other priced collections from movies and other films.

Being a full-on geek, he is also an educator who has given several motivational and keynote speeches on Science related matters at various Institutions. We all know speakers don’t come cheap. Even when MythBusters came to its end, he still managed to maintain his net worth by appearing as a judge in the show, Unchained Reaction.

Adam Savage is married to his wife Julia Savage. Know their married life.

The MythBusters co-host has had a successful career and marriage as well. He tied the knot with his beautiful wife, Julia back in 2004. Sadly, information on her wife is hard to come by. However, we do know that Adam Savage and Julia Savage met online and she has a thing for geeks. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be happy with her husband. Moreover, Julia likes science fiction movies.

Image of Adam Savage with his wife Julia ward
Adam Savage with his wife Julia ward

The pair rose to the occasion at the premiere of Blade Runner 2049 in which Adam did a short cameo as a shopkeeper merchant. She loves and supports everything he does, not to mention letting him keep all his movie props in the house. Others would get rid of a few things. Adam Savage and his wife Julia are often seen together at events as well as on social media. He never turns down the opportunity to flaunt her as seen on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Meet their kids Riley and Addison Savage.

Adam Savage’s kids may be the spitting image of their dad but are forging their path to greatness. Riley and Addison are the twin sons of the MythBusters genius. However, Julia is not their biological mother. Their real mom was one of their father’s previous partners before he met Julia in 2002. Information about her is highly classified and only available to the family.

Image of Adam Savage with his kids Riley and Addison Savage
Adam Savage with his kids Riley and Addison Savage

Both twins have a thing for the arts. Addison has a passion for musical arts and is enrolled in a vocal program. Information on the boys is also scanty with bits and pieces here and there. There is a video of Addison showcasing his talent at a performance at an iBme Mindfulness Meditation Retreat. Riley, on the other hand, is yet to join a performing arts school like his brother.

Both are still teenagers trying to figure out their lives. Growing on their own is something relatively new to them. He once tweeted that they started walking 16 months after they were born.

His career, wiki-bio, age

Name Adam Whitney Savage
Age 54
Date of Birth July 15th, 1967
Place of Birth New York City
Profession Designer, actor, educator
Net worth $8 million
wife Julia Ward
Kids Riley and Addison
Height 5’11’’
Weight Unknown
Star Sign Cancer

The TV star Adam Savage was born in New York City on July 15th, 1967 to his parents Whitney Lee and Karen. His father, from whom he drew much inspiration was a filmmaker, animator, and painter whereas his mother was a psychotherapist. He grew up in Sleepy Hollow alongside five of his siblings while attending Sleepy Hollow High School.

Diving into the actors’ alma mater, he graduated from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Moreover, he also has an honorary doctorate from Twente University located in the Netherlands. His first career role was acting while he was still a child.

Adam Savage up and become an animator and graphic designer. Putting his hands to good use, he was responsible for some of the models used in films such as Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the clones. Others include the Matrix Reloaded and Space Cowboys.

He had a great run in the television industry with his job at MythBusters as well as making cameos in other short films. Nowadays, he works as an editor at while working on Producing another spin-off show called MythBusters Jr.


Adam Savage has been iconic in proving everyday questionable facts about science and technology. It is his career and hard work that has landed him a net worth of $8 million. Apart from his passion for science, providing for his wife and growing kids is a constant motivational factor for his success.

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