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Adam Berry, born in the 9th of March, 1983, husband of actor Ben Berry, is most popularly known for his work as a ghost hunter with The Atlantic Paranormal Society, and for co-hosting several reality shows based on the same plot. Besides being a paranormal investigator, Adam is also an actor a cabaret singer and a music theatre artist who proudly holds a BFA in Musical Theatre, earned from the Boston Conservatory. Let’s find out this ghost hunter Adam Berry and Amy Bruni’s relationship. His net worth, wife or gay partner in wiki-bio.

Ghost hunter Adam Berry from Kindred Spirits Married to wife?  Kids?

Actor and Producer Adam Berry from Kindred Spirits does not have a wife but is very happily married to fellow artist Benjamin Griessmeyer for over five years now. All close relatives and family of Adam and Benjamin had witnessed the officiated wedding of the couple on the 22nd of August, 2012.

The wedding had taken place in the hometown of Benjamin in the town of Provincetown in New England. Artistic director Benjamin is also a classically-trained Bay Stater who has also honed his acting career by performing in short TV shows and movies, many of them, like Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads alongside Adam himself. In regards to his family life, Ghost hunter Adam Berry does not have any kids and has never shown any interest in adopting one.

As far as he has announced, Adam and Ben are merely concerned with living their pro-marriage life in each other’s loving company, and possibly a number of other dogs – preferably Chihuahuas – who have previously found much love within the lives of both men in their cosy homes in the East Coast of the United States of America. Now you know about Adam Berry’s wife and married life.

Adam Berry and Amy Bruni’s relationship: Is it strictly professional?

Adam Berry(left)and Amy Bruni(right)

Ghost hunter Adam Berry had co-starred in the TLC series Kindred Spirits alongside fellow actress Amy Bruni who he has been acquainted with since his Ghost Hunter days. Despite being in a very close and comfortable relationship with Ami, it is a widely known fact that the relationship between Ami and Adam is strictly professional.

Ami Bruni lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her 5-year-old daughter Charlotte, and has always updated her fans of the joys she has felt in living a happy life with her daughter, with only a few mentions of her ex-husband Jimmy. On the other hand, Adam Berry bathes in the joys of happily married life with his husband Ben Berry in an out of the East Coast.

Thus, it can be surely said that Adam Berry from Kindred Spirits and Amy Bruni from the same show are simply work partners in the film industry and agents of TAPS, no questions asked.

Adam Berry Net worth, Salary.

Ghost hunter Adam Berry’s net worth is $850,000. Part-time Ghost hunter Adam Berry has effectively used said the position in starting his own real estate business where he deals in selling haunted houses.

However, his focal source of income mainly relies on his acting skills as he has portrayed both himself and other characters on movies and short films and TV series like Mer: Story of Me, Point Society, Paranormal Lockdown, Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads, and obviously – fulfilling his well-known title of Ghost hunter Adam Berry – the entire Ghost Hunters series by Syfy, starting from Ghost Hunters documentary back in 2010-2014, to co-hosting the Ghost Hunters Academy in the later 2010s, to acting in the 2016 TV series Kindred Spirits. By the final mention, Adam Berry had also assumed the role of an executive produce along with his co-star Amy Bruni.

Other factors which owe to Adam Berry’s net worth include him indulging in performing cabaret shows which are produced by himself and developing his production company which he had founded alongside Benjamin Berry, his husband, and their friend Tessa Bry.

Adam Berry Networth


Adam Berry from Kindred Spirits is an active member of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, TAPS for short, an organization based in Warwick, Rhode Island, which deals with the investigation and exploration of paranormal activity and places rumored to be haunted by some kind of unknown entity.

Back in 2006, Adam was instigated into the business of paranormal investigation by a supernatural encounter while in the borough of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. After his experience, Adam decided to take his paranormal interests seriously and co-founded the Provincetown Paranormal Research Society back in Massachusetts.

A few years later, in 2010, Adam competed on Syfy’s reality show Ghost Hunters Academy to audition for a position amongst the rest of the members of TAPS. While at the survival-test series, Adam Berry proved his worth by defeating seven fellow cadets who were fighting for the same position, and emerging as the last man standing.

At this point in his life, Ghost hunter Adam Berry has created an entire life away from all the ghost investigation by making a home with his husband Benjamin, in both Provincetown in Massachusetts, and New York City, New York. When not busy running errands and paranormal investigations for TAPS, Adam hones his acting and theatrical career by signing up for short TV shows and singing self-produced cabarets.

Now you know Ghost Hunter Adam Berry from Kindred Spirit  Net Worth is huge and attributed to his career as a ghost hunter and a reality tv star.


Born Adam Berry

March 9, 1983 (age 35)

Muscle Shoals, Alabama, U.S.

Occupation Actor, Producer, Paranormal Investigator
Alma Mater Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Massachusetts
Net Worth $850,000
Years Active 2010–Present
Spouse Benjamin Greissmeyer (m. 2012)

Hailing from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Adam had shifted to Boston in Massachusetts shortly after graduating from high school. After completing his education there, Adam slowly started to hone his passion towards paranormal investigation which was only fuelled by his supernatural encounter in Pennsylvania in 2006.

Adam Berry from Kindred Spirit had always been terrorized by unearthly spirits ever since he was a child, and all his experiences had traumatized and affected him thoroughly. He confirmed that when he was merely nine years old, Adam was constantly plagued by the dreadful noise of a menacing creature in the shape of a ghastly dog scratching his claws against the wall, which he had later realized was a spirit haunting his home.

However, it was when Adam witnessed thousands of figures in statics of white firing loud gunshots and shouting and yelling at a nearby field while he was in Gettysburg, but saw nothing after had rushed to the location to investigate it, that Adam decided to make a career out of the paranormal.

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