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Kenneth Copeland Net Worth, Salary, Age, House,Wife, Kids 2022

Kenneth Copeland

KCM founder and evangelist Kenneth Max Copeland born on 6th December 1936 (age: 85) is among the richest televangelist in the world. With a net worth of $760 Million

He is so close to being a billionaire. His ministry spreads the gospel of love, faith, and prosperity. According to Kenneth God wants us to be rich hence his focus on success. Kenneth Copeland Ministries thrive on the motto: “Jesus is Lord” which is based on the book of Romans 10:9.

Kenneth Copeland’s net worth, salary, and source of income.

He prides himself to be an almost billionaire who isn’t that far off looking at his net worth. Copeland Ministries occupies 1,500 acres, located half an hour’s drive from fort worth.

The premises include a church, a private airstrip and a hangar for the ministry. Kenneth Copeland Ministries own a $17.5 million jet and other aircraft which help in carrying out ministry tours.

Kenneth Copeland’s Net worth is $850 million.

He owns a $ 6.3 million mansion on a 25-acre plot. The living space of his home occupies an area of 18,280 sq. feet. The home comprises of a six-car garage, multiple balconies, a tennis court, a circle driveway, and a boat docking station that can accommodate multiple boats.

Kenneth Copeland's net worth is $760 Million
Kenneth Copeland’s net worth is $760 Million

Other than being a televangelist, Kenneth Copeland is also an author of motivational books and a public speaker. All of this has contributed to his success and rise in net worth combining it with his salary as a televangelist.

Age: How old is Kenneth Copeland?

At the age of 85, Kenneth Copeland has had a long journey to where he is currently. Before becoming a committed Christian, he was a recording artist at the imperial record. One of his major hits” pledge of love” made it to the Top 40 Billboard chart in 1957.

The song was a hit for 15 weeks on the chart and made it to No. 17. In 1962 he decided to convert to Christianity. During the 1967 fall, Kenneth enrolled in Oral Roberts University, after completing his education he was employed as a pilot and a chauffeur for Oral Roberts.

Later on, he began the Kenneth Copeland Ministries which has thrived to be one of the most successful ministries in the world.

Married life and his wife and his kids.

In 1956 while Kenneth was still a recording artist he got married to Ivy Bodiford. The couple had a daughter; Terri Pearson together before parting ways in 1958 due to unknown reasons.

Later on, in 1963, he got married again to his current wife Gloria Neece, 59 years together and the couple has remained faithful to their marriage vows.

Copeland and Gloria have two children; a son, John Copeland, and a daughter Kellie Swisher.

Kenneth Copeland seems happy with his wife Gloria Neece
Kenneth Copeland married his current wife Gloria Neece in 1963


Kenneth and his wife raised their children in a Christian doctrine and morals. All three children play significant roles in the Kenneth Copeland Ministry.

John has the function of the Ministry Chief Operating Officer, Kellie is a preacher at various meetings in the U.S and Terri is a preacher while her husband, George Pearson is a pastor at Eagles Mountain International.

Short Biography.

Name: Kenneth Max Copeland
Birthday ( age) December 6th, 1936 Lubbock Texas USA
Nationality American
Education Oral Roberts University
Occupation Author, musician, Public Speaker, Televangelist
Wife Ivy Bodiford (m. 1956-1958)

Gloria Neece ( m. 1963)

Children Terri Pearson

John Copeland

Kellie Swisher

Ministry Kenneth Copeland Ministries ( KCM)


He has been a victim of various criticism from different denominations. Some of the criticism include:

  • The 2006 Angel Flight 44 Controversy where he failed to fulfill his promise to assist the disaster relief mission in Haiti.
  • The 2008 Mike Huckabee Controversy where he held a fundraising for Mike Huckabee a Republican Presidential Primary candidate in his Church.
  • In the 2013 Vaccination Controversy where he was accused of being against the measles vaccine that was being administered during a measles outbreak.
  • 2015 Last week tonight Criticism. The host of the show John Oliver accused the Copeland family of tax evasion for living in a $6.3 M mansion which acts as their parsonage allowance hence not considered as income tax.

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