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Is Kelly Evans Married to A Husband? Or Dating A Boyfriend? Find Out.

Kelly Evans

Kelly Evans, one of the popular American journalists of CNBC has also not been spared of any rumors. It’s strange how the media professionals get tangled in an unending loop of rumors; it looks the same with our hot and sexy CNBC journalist Kelly Evans. There have been no records or anything solid that proves the star’s credibility on dating or any details about her husband, apart from one of the Tweets where a fan of hers is wishing her a good night’s sleep with her husband and children but there have been no comments from Kelly Evans so far.

A lot of images on the social media websites show that the lady seems to be a lot interested in her career and does not have any time in investing in a home, a husband or family yet. A lot of images of Kelly available portray about her professional life and there is absolutely no clue about her personal life at all.

There are also gossips about Kelly getting secretly married to a husband but there has been nothing concrete available as of now because this celebrity does not want to take her personal life public and she is pretty clear about it whether it is her husband or boyfriend.

Kelly Evans CNBC’s Married Life.

The journalist is married to a man named Eric Chemi. Much like his wife, Erin also applies his trade in the media. He works as an analyst for CNBC’s Business sports. This has provided him with the opportunity to work with renowned sports personalities like NBA star Kobe Bryant. Eric and Kelly were involved in a long term and committed relationship before officially tying the knot on April 2017. At the moment, they have been married for over two years now. The couple even welcomed their first child last year.

Who is Kelly Evans?

Known for her amazing intelligence and smartness, the most happening journalist of CNBC has bagged a lot of credits as a student for her tremendous performances as a student and also as a sportsperson. Kelly, born on July 1st 1985 in Hartford, Connecticut and was raised in Lexington. Being studious always pays off and looks like the same happened with Kelly too. She had won a lot of scholarship awards for being a great student.

Beautiful picture of CNBC host Kelly Evans

Caption: Kelly Evans as a host in CNBC

Source: CNBC

She has written a lot of respectable columns like as a journalist. With an amazing toned athletic body, Kelly was a co-captain of the women’s lacrosse team.

Kelly’s professional career has been great throughout in the space she has chosen to work for. She was part of the Wall Street Journal as soon as she graduated and was in charge of covering the real estate and economics news.

She has been a moderator for a couple of debates as well and she has been compared to the former host of CNBC Erin Burnett for her outstanding work and passion towards journalism.

CNBC former host Erin Burnett is being compared with CNBC present host Kelly Evans

Caption: Kelly Evans compared with CNBC former host Erin Burnett

Do you know why Kelly Evans chose to stay away from social media?

Yes, being a co-anchor of the Closing Bell show of CNBC and a national figure, it becomes important for Kelly to have her presence on the Social Media channels too. However, she has chosen to stay away from the nuisance created by a lot them unnecessarily for Kelly. Not a lot of public figures would like to stay away from gaining quick publicity but the diva did something unimaginable and unpredictable completely.

She has deactivated her Twitter and Instagram account and she says, it has saved her a lot of time. Kelly has now started gathering information by reading newspapers instead of following them continuously through the Social Media channels which run all day long.

She also said that

“I shut down social media because I needed to shut out online distractions and engage with the people, issues, and work right in front of me”,

in one of her interviews.  Kelly seems to have grown tired of bizarre and senseless comments posted which she calls cyber-bullying and she needs a break. So, her fans need to wait and check when she chooses to get active again.

Short Bio about Kelly Evans.

Born in Hartford and raised in Lexington, Kelly Evans has been one of the most influential journalists of CNBC. The co-anchor of Closing Bell has been a great professional who hates to reveal about her personal life to anybody else. The diva also chose to cut off her social media presence from Twitter and Instagram because of some lewd comments posted by some of her fans.

The lady seems to be quite serious about her work and that is what makes her what she is today. With an approximate net worth of 2.5 million USD, Kelly’s salary also stays close to her heart and we guess that’s also a personal affair!

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