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Keisha Chamber Bio: Everything you need to know about Justin Chamber’s wife 2022

Keisha Chamber and her husband Justin Chamber

The American actor and former fashion model Justin is married to Keisha Chamber. Our focus is on how such an unlikely couple met and how they have conquered all odds to remain united.

Married life with Husband Justin Chamber.

Justin Chamber and his wife began dating and soon afterward got married in 1993. The couple met while Justin was working for ad campaigns for Calvin Klein. Similarly, Keisha was working at a modeling agency. Since then, the love between them blossomed. Furthermore, the two have spotted spending quality time together.

They seem to be in love as they were when they got married. The couple seems to have endured much because they are from different ethnic backgrounds. The relationship between the two looks excellent, and the couple has a lot that can be admired.  Justin Chamber’s wife and her husband have been spotted in several functions together.

Additionally, the couple has their pictures uploaded on social media which show how much love they share. Keisha has not been associated with any past relationship and can be said that she has a peaceful love life. We hope that the lovelies will have bliss in their marriage life. They are a proud couple and parents of adorable children as well.

Dashing Justin Chamber and beautiful Keisha Chamber seen in Music Awards in their matching dress

Caption: Justin Chamber with his wife, Keisha Chamber

Source: Twitter


We can say that love is blind because the lovebirds are so much in love. Not many people can guess that the American actor is married to Keisha, who is of black ethnicity. They have been blessed with five adorable children. Their firstborn daughter Isabella was born in 1994. They have twins Maya and Kaila who were born in 1997.

Eva is their daughter, who was born in March 1999. They have only one son named Jackson, who was born in January 2002. There are no plans for the couple to have more children in the future. They are a complete and happy family. This family love pets and have adopted two rescue dogs which are very dear to them. There are reports that Justin and Keisha also own a beagle.

A perfect family picture of Keisha Chamber and her husband Justin Chamber with their children

Caption: Justin Chamber with his beautiful wife Keisha Chamber, the twin daughters and son

Source: Zimbio


Information on the family of Keisha Chamber is not known. Her educational backgrounds are not provided either. She is said to hold an American nationality and is of black ethnicity. Not much about her is known. She is famous because of her husband, Justin Chamber.

Justin Chamber and Keisha in Media.

Justin and Keisha never shy away from expressing their love to each other. The media catches a glimpse of the two when they attend many events like Victoria’s Secret Fashion and also the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

In most occasions, the cute couple is in the company of their children while in the attendance of such events. It’s clear that they love to be seen together because their love is greater than everything. Justin Chamber’s wife net worth has not been established. However, the husband has an approximate net worth of $20 Million.

He has earned that, through his career as an actor. Moreover, Justin is associated with a non-profit Pentecostal Christian mission Dream Center of Los Angeles.


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