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Kathryn Mayorga Wikipedia biography of Cristiano Ronaldo Rape accuser. 2022

Image of Kathryn Mayorga Wikipedia biography of Cristiano Ronaldo Rape accuser.

Kathryn Mayorga is a former model and elementary school teacher. Her claim to fame was not one most people would actively want. Kathryn became famous after accusing football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo of rape.

The incident allegedly occurred ten years ago in Las Vegas, while the then Manchester United player was on holiday in America. The two first met at an exclusive club run by the Palms Casino Hotel.

The former model was hired to promote the club when she met the football legend. Learn more about Kathryn Mayorga in the following chapters.

Who is Kathryn Mayorga?

Kathryn Mayorga is a former P.E teacher at an elementary school in Las Vegas, Nevada. She also used to be an aspiring model back in the day. Kathryn is a woman whose life changed, and not for the better, after meeting one of the best football players in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is a 37-year-old Portuguese player who presently plays for Juventus.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Kathryn Mayorga, The Woman Who Accuses Ronaldo of Rape -  DER SPIEGEL

Rape Accusation.

This came ten years ago, more specifically, back on June 12th, 2009, at an exclusive club in Las Vegas. According to Kathryn, the two hit it off and were even pictured dancing inside the club.

The football player Cristiano Ronaldo would then invite her back to his suite. The alleged incident would take place here, as she was changing. According to reports published by a German news outlet, Der Spiegel, Cristiano Ronaldo then forced himself on her, even after  Kathryn Mayorga had said no multiple times.

Image of Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kathryn Mayorga in Las Vegas in 2009
Cristiano Ronaldo and Kathryn Mayorga in Las Vegas in 2009


Kathryn went to report the incident to the police but refused to identify the person who had assaulted her. Next was an out-of-court settlement with the football star, where she received $375,000 in damages and was also made to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

This meant that she could not make any comments on the alleged incident. Failure to comply would result in legal action taken against her. Kathryn claims that she signed this document out of concern for her safety and her family. According to her, Cristiano Ronaldo is a powerful man with enough resources to follow through with the consequences detailed in the NDA.

Several years after the incident, football leaks released specifics of the agreement. This led the German Outlet to investigate and discover that Kathryn Mayorga was the woman in question. They reached out to her several times, but she initially refused. However, after the MeToo movement took off, she found the strength to tell her story.

Cristiano Ronaldo came under fire after the story broke, especially after the German paper released a damning document where he appeared to confirm parts of Kathryn’s story. But the Juventus striker maintained his innocence through several social media posts.

He maintained that the encounter was entirely consensual and that Kathryn Mayorga was just a woman who wanted to make a name for herself at his expense.

While the Las Vegas police did investigate the matter, prosecutors decided not to pursue the case. This was because Kathryn had not named her accuser the first time she went to file the reports.

Kathryn Mayorga’s Net worth.

Kathryn Mayorga was a former P.E teacher, aspiring model, and club promoter. While this suggests a modest income, we also learned that she received $375,000 as part of an out-of-court settlement.

This payment came from Portuguese football captain Cristiano Ronaldo after Kathryn made an alleged rape claim. As such, reports suggest that her net worth presently stands at $500,000. Stay tuned for more information on the matter.

Kathryn Mayorga Wiki.

Full nameKathryn Mayorga.
Age38 years old.
Date of BirthMay 30th, 1984.
Place of BirthLas Vegas, Nevada, USA.
ProfessionFormer Physical Education teacher, model, club promoter.
Net worth$ 500,000.
SpouseUnder review.
Zodiac SignGemini.
ParentsCheryl and Larry Mayorga.

 Kathryn Mayorga came into this world on May 30th, 1984, in Las Vegas, Nevada. As of 2022, she is 38 years old. Kathryn is the daughter of Larry and Cheryl Mayorga. Her father used to work as a fireman, whereas her mother took care of their home.

Kathryn grew up alongside a brother named Jason. The former model displayed an abundance of skills across different sports growing up. She played softball, as well as football back in the day. Regarding her educational history, we learned that the former model graduated from the University of Nevada. She would follow this up by going into modeling.

While  Kathryn Mayorga landed a few gigs, Kathryn still had to supplement her income by becoming a club promoter. This is not uncommon, as beautiful women are often used to attract customers. Her life would change come June 2009, after she met superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano’s lawyers settled the matter out of court following the involvement of lawyers. Kathryn’s lawyer pushed her to take the settlement agreement. A night that started well ended with her accusing him of rape after they had made it back to her penthouse.

However, nearly a decade later,  Kathryn Mayorga finally decided to speak up again. Her story gained much traction in the media, as Ronaldo became one of many famous figures accused of sexual assault.

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