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Karl Rove Net Worth, Salary, Age, Wife, Measurements

Image of Karl Rove Net Worth, Salary, Age, Wife, Measurements

Meet one of the most dangerous and tactful political consultants, Karl Rove. Before his retirement in 2007, he was the go-to-guy on political affairs. Former President George W. Bush hired him for his presidential campaigns.

If you loved or hated George Bush, he’s the mastermind behind it. Nevertheless, being a political consultant isn’t his only strong suit. Let’s walk a mile in his shoes and explore Kar Rove’s net worth and salary. Also, please get to know more about his current wife Karen Johnson and his previous married life, divorces, and ex-wives.

Karl Rove Net worth And Salary.

Regarding a reliable source, Karl Rove has a net worth of $8 million. However, other, not-so-reliable sources place him at $9.5 million. Nevertheless, the bulk of his income comes from his political career.

Image of Commentator Karl Rove net worth is $8 million
Commentator Karl Rove’s net worth is $8 million.

Like most senior political people, his salary flies under the radar. However, we do know some of its sources. The most current is working as a policy advisor and a Republican Political Consultant for the Trump Presidency. Closely related to that is channeling his income through his consulting firm, Karl Rove & Company. Check out more sources of income to add to Karl Rove’s Net Worth.

Going a bit further back, he also worked as a political commentator and contributor on Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek. However, he saw better days crafting new ideas while working under the Bush regime. It certainly paid him well too. He helped run a couple of political campaigns for several clients and was successful more than when he lost. He runs his Website.

Karl Rove Is Married to Wife Karen Johnson after Two Divorces? Kids?

Now you know about Karl Rove’s net worth, meet his current wife, Karen Johnson.

Yes, he is, not just once but thrice with two divorces to answer this question. During the pinnacle of his career and entry into politics, Karl’s fame and social status also rose, and it attracted the attention of many ladies. However, one socialite from Houston stood out. Her name was Valerie Mather Wainwright, and they got married on July 10th, 1976.

Their marriage didn’t last and crumbled a few years later with a divorce in 1980. Rove got back onto the dating horse and married Darby Tara Hickson in January 1986. She was a breast cancer survivor, tough as nails, and met him working for his company. Darby bore him a son named Andrew Madison.

Like the first marriage, it also ended in a divorce 24 years later, in 2009. Once again, Karl proved that he still got game when he married a lobbyist in 2012. Her name is Karen Johnson. The former president and close buddies with Rove personally graced their ceremony held in Austin, Texas.

Image of Commentator Karl Rove with his wife Karen Johnson
Commentator Karl Rove with his wife, Karen Johnson

Age: how old is Karl Rove.

The former president’s senior advisor is currently 71 years of age having been born on Christmas day in the year 1950. He ages quite gracefully and is of the star sign Capricorn.

Measurements, height, weight

The father of one groom well in suits with short straight hair. Don’t be fooled by his dreamy blue eyes; he wasn’t called Bush’s brains for anything. Karl Rove stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches putting on a weight of 176 pounds. You may tend to wonder, what about his biceps and triceps? Are they classified information like his job? Simply put, No. He just hasn’t released the info yet.

Image of Commentator Karl Rove height is 5 feet 6 inches
Commentator Karl Rove height is 5 feet 6 inches

Wiki-bio, family.

Full Name Karl Christian Rove
Age 71
Date of Birth December 25th, 1950
Place of Birth Denver, Colorado, United States of America.
Profession Political consultant, Businessman
Net worth $8 million
Wife Karen Johnson
Kids  Andrew Madison
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Eye Color Blue
Weight 135 pounds

Karl Rove was born to his mother, Reba Louise in Denver, but got raised by his adopted father, Louis Claude whom he believed was his real dad. His real dad separated from the family when he was a child and later came to learn about it through his aunt and uncle. Sadly, his mother committed suicide after battling depression for years.

Moving away from his sad beginnings, the young lad was the president of the student council at Olympus High School. Some of the institutions of higher learning that he attended include, University of Utah, Maryland, George Mason, and Texas, Austin. He quit some but saw it till the end of others.

While his political career began in college, his first real job was as a legislative aide and soon an executive director. He served both non-political clients as well as governmental. The most famous are congressional, gubernatorial, senatorial and even presidential campaigns. Some of his clients included George W. Bush, William Clements, Phil Gramm, Ronald Reagan and many more. John Brady succeeded him.


Some consider Politics a dirty game with Karl Rove leading the list with his unorthodox strategies. However, the end justifies the means as he enjoys his salary and overall net worth with his wife and son at age 71.

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