Josh Gates is a married to wife Hallie Gnatovich. His net worth, age, family, wiki bio

Josh Gates

Josh Gates is an American television personality.  He majors mainly in television for quite some time, and he is best known being a television presenter, television producer, and he is also a renowned author. He made a breakthrough in his career when he became the co-host and co-executive producer of Destination Truth on Syfy channel. Find out more about Josh Gates’ Married life and meet his wife Hallie Gnatovich. More on his Net Worth and TV shows.

Josh Gates is married to wife Hallie Gnatovich. They have a son Owen together.

Josh Gates is a married man. Sorry ladies try your luck somewhere else. The popular television personality is married to the love of his life Hallie Gnatovich.  His wife Hallie is a former co-star of Destination Truth. Guess how they met?

I bet you have already made your guess. The duo met in 2007 when he was the host of Destination Truth whereas his wife Hallie Gnatovich was the co-star in the show. Their love life flourishes and moments later the duo got engaged. Before getting married the couple dated for sometimes, over a year.

Josh and Hallie Gnotovich worked together for five years in Syfy channel through which love blossomed. They were often seen together during the show and its production.  The couple finally tied the knot in 2013. On 13th September 2013, they got married in a private wedding attended by family and close friends.

Josh Gates with wife Hallie Gnatovich

Caption:- Josh Gates with wife Hallie Gnatovich

The couple has one kid together. Their son, Owen Gnatovich was born in February 2016. They have been happily married since then. Josh Gates is still pursuing his career in television whereas his wife, Hallie works as a therapist in Los Angeles. Expedition Unkwon star with his wife currently lives in Los Angeles with their son, and they are living happily.

Josh Gates Net Worth in 2018 is $4 Million.

Josh Gates has achieved considerable success in his career. He has not only built a name for himself in the media industry but also built a fortune for himself. This man has appeared in many television shows and has also appeared as a producer, host and an author. All this have earned him a considerable amount of money.

In general, Josh Gates has a net worth of over $4 million. We could not reconstruct his salary from the Syfy Channel, but he must have been earning a fortune. When it comes to the main source of income to add to his net worth, it is mainly through his television career.

Most of his wealth has been accumulated through his active role in television. A small percentage has come from his best seller books. The fact that Josh Gates is in his early 40s is a proof that his net worth is subject to increase. He is still very active on television.

Josh Gates Net Worth is $4 Million

Caption:- Josh Gates Net Worth is $4 Million

Josh Gates is a stylish guy. He owns a palatial house in Los Angeles where he lives with his family. Josh Gates also loves cars. He owns a fleet of cars that he has appeared with most in his Discovery truth show. He likes Jeeps, Cherokee and Prius. But of all these, he likes Cherokee the most.


Little is known about the family of Josh Gates. However, from the records, his mother was a British who lived in Europe. His father was a sea diver who fancied traveling a lot. Now you know where he get’s his talent from. Like father like son.

He is often found giving his father credits for his success, in his own words he says,

“I remember those days when I used to travel with my dad, it was all about adventure and learning to be adventurous. Most of the skills I possess today, I had it in me while I was just a kid, what I did later was just sharpen the edge. Thanks to my dad.”

Josh Gates had acknowledged that he traveled quite a lot when he was a young boy. He currently lives with his wife and his son in Los Angeles.

Josh Gates on Treaking

Career details and tv shows

Josh Gates is a multi-talented fellow. He is a sea diver, a mountain climber, explorer and a television personality. Between 1996 and 1998 he participated in University of Maryland archeological excavation. He also took part in mountain climbing including Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Aconcagua.

Josh has also had a rich career in television. Between 2007 and 2012, he was the host of Destination Truth, a show that was widely received in the states. He is currently the host and executive producer of Expedition Unknown that is aired on Travel Channel. The show is doing well in the market.

Shout out to Columbia Sportswear! #TestedTough indeed. I've worn your shirts from the icy slopes of Everest to the deserts of Namibia on #ExpeditionUnknown. Thanks!

Posted by Joshua Gates on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Josh has also appeared on many other television shows including Beg, Borrow and Steal in 2002, Truly Famous in 2006, Ghost Hunters in 2007 and he narrated a television show called Stranded.

Wiki Bio

Josh Gates was born on 10th August 1977 in Massachusets, USA. He is 40 years old. The Expedition Unknown star attended Tufts University where he graduated with a degree in drama and archeology.

As a young boy, he was taught to be a diver by his father. He is a very adventurous man. And looks like what his father taught him sharpened his skills and helped him be a successful adventurer and a reality star as he is today.

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  2. I like ur personality and I watch ur shows but let’s hope the third time is a charm. I don’t think I can watch anymore unless u actually find something. With the amount of money spent on exotic trips all around the world you’d think there would be some payoff. Nada. Nothing. Still standing around with a limp hose in my hand. Please find at least one answer to one question and I’ll keep watching. Enough of the “ what was that “ and “ did u see that “. I do enjoy when Ryder gets the crap scared out of her. Always funny

  3. I have been a fan clear thru your tv career!! I just watching your shows!! There well done, very informative,you make them fun, i love an thoughly enjoy your shows!!you have a very beautiful wife!! I followed your romance!! Lucky lady!! An your a lucky guy great life, great shows, great wife an son!! God bess the three of you!!

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