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Meet the youngest coach to ever win a Super Bowl at age 39, Jon Gruden. He left coaching a while back to become a sports analyst on ESPN and Monday Night Football. However, 2018 is the year he returned to the field to relieve his glory days heading the Oakland Raiders in the NFL. Let’s have a look at his impressive career including Jon Gruden’s net worth and salary but first, here is an in-depth take on his wife, Cindy Gruden

Jon Gruden is Married to wife Cindy Gruden since 1991.

One of Oakland Raiders coach’s most notable accomplishments is not leading his team to win the Super Bowl but marrying the woman of his dreams. The fascinating story about the two lovebirds is not how they met but how they fell in love.

Cindy was a cheerleader at the University of Tennessee whereas Jon Gruden was the assistant coach. They met and interacted a couple of times before the sparks lit up. He vowed that in as much as they were dating, he wouldn’t marry her unless he got a full-time job at the institution.

Image of Jon Gruden with his wife Cindy Gruden

Jon Gruden with his wife, Cindy Gruden

Both of their dreams came true when he landed a job as the school’s head coach. Overjoyed, he got her an $1800 proposal ring. What’s impressive about it isn’t the price but the measure of its worth. That was the only money separating him from poverty, and he chose to spend it on her. Fast forwarding, Jon Gruden got married to wife Cindy on July 6th, 1991 and have been happy ever since with no separation news.

Cindy Gruden wiki-bio, career

Much of Cindy’s early life including her exact date of birth is unknown. Moreover, there is no information regarding her parents and siblings, if any. Nevertheless, we do know she was born as Cindy Brooks and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Jon Gruden’s wife Cindy Gruden always had a thing for the arts and went on to study Classical Piano and Music Education at the University of Tennessee. It is here that Cindy met her husband shaking her pom-pom as a collegiate cheerleader. Brooks took her sporting skills to head the National Cheerleader Association as its Instructor.

Furthermore, Brooks also majored in Educational Administration and obtained a degree from the same institution. Jon Gruden’s wife Cindy Gruden used the best of her knowledge to give back to the society while working in social organizations. Raising funds to cater for cancer-ridden families was her main priority. Backed up with some of the wives and girlfriends of some of her husband’s team, they have made many families smile again.

His Family and children

It has been advent that a happy wife conforms to a happy life. It has been particularly true with the Gruden family especially with the birth of their three sons, Deuce, Michael, and Jayson. Deuce is an athlete standing at the height of 5 feet 6 inches and weight at 190 lbs.

Image of Jon Gruden with his wife and their kids

Jon Gruden with his wife and their kids

Jon Gruden was born on January 19th, 1994 and attended Carrollwood Day School. His major was in Biology while playing football for the Leopards at Lafayette. He soon chose a different career and took to International Powerlifting Championships. Michael is scheduled to join college this year whereas the youngest, Jayson is a quarterback Champion of the Cincinnati Bengals. They all grew up in the Tampa Bay area.

Jon Gruden Net Worth, Salary.

According to reliable sources, Jon Gruden’s net worth stands at approximately $22.5 million. Not many people realize that while most of the proceeds go to the players, the coaches get paid just as much. Much of his fortune is as a result of the years he put in molding various teams.

Image of Jon Gruden net worth is $22.5 million

Jon Gruden net worth is $22.5 million

Other sources include his time as a sports analyst on ESPN. More specifically, his work was at Monday Night Football covering various sports events ranging from the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, BCS National Championship Game and so much more.

He didn’t come cheap either. He sports analyst received a salary of $6.5 million every year for his work. Now that he has gone back to coaching, we expect his net worth and salary to improve substantially.

Image of Jon Gruden height


Name Jon David Gruden
Age 55
Date of Birth August 17th, 1963
Place of Birth Sandusky, Ohio
Profession NFL coach, sports analyst
Net worth $22.5 million
Wife Cindy Brooks Gruden
Kids 3
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 91 kg

The NFL coach Jon Gruden was born in Sandusky, Ohio to his parents Jim and Kathy Gruden. His dad was a running backs coach whereas his brother Jay also became the Washington Redskins Coach. The only sibling in his family who pursued medicine is his brother James.

Jon graduated with a degree in Communications at the University of Dayton where he played as a backup quarterback. Other institutions he attended before Dayton include the Muskingum College in Ohio after graduating from Clay High School.

His coaching tree has its roots in 1985 as the assistant coach at the University of Tennesee. He branched out to serve other teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Philadelphia Eagles and is now serving at the Oakland Raiders. He got fired by the Buccaneers in 2009 forging his path into ESPN in that same year on May as its color analyst.


Jon Gruden comes from a long line of sports athletes. It’s no wonder he has been able to maintain a stable marriage with his wife, Cindy Gruden who also loves sports. His kids are also natural-born talented athletes, and if all goes well, we may highlight their salary and net worth as soon as their careers kickstart.

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